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Syracuse: A Flawed Team That Is And Deserves To Be 25-0

This author has been following basketball since well before Al Gore’s Internet became mainstream.  Well before.  Before cable TV even.  In fact, his first real memories of basketball just so happen to coincide with Jim Boeheim’s first season as coach.  Having watched 35+ seasons of Syracuse basketball, this author is nowhere near convinced that the current edition of Syracuse basketball is made of players that should be 25-0 at this point. Nah, this team is a team that should be a 22 or 23 win team right now… good enough to be a national title contender, but flawed enough to be vulnerable just about every night.  The sum of its parts, however, is that it is the first of those teams to go 25-0.  And it deserves to be 25-0.   Here is why.

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