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Syracuse Recap–Everything You Have Seen Before, Only Worse

Scott Shafer is a lucky man.  He is not being held hostage in the Middle East, much less under any threat of imminent beheading.  So that is good.  And Syracuse fans should certainly be pleased that we share Shafer’s good fortune in that regard.  We are, after all, just discussing a game of football played by young men.  Perspective noted.  But the last time I checked, Scott Shafer did not use that same perspective when negotiating his salary or imploring his team at practice.  All the reference to perspective shows is that Shafer does not get it.  He can say the words of a fan in press conferences, but it is apparent that the folksy-speak is just a ruse.  He goes not get it.  And on the field he does not get it either.  Everything that occurred last night during Syracuse’s drubbing by Louisville took place earlier this year.  Maybe you missed it or ignored it.  But it was there.  Last night was just that same stuff being more obvious and not getting the benefit of the doubt anymore.  Consider…

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Mike Hopkins and South Florida–Why Not?

There has been some discussion of Mike Hopkins, long-time Syracuse assistant, being a candidate at Boston College.  The Confidential wonders why Hopkins would consider leaving Jim Boeheim’s side to take over a clear rebuilding project in Boston College.  While Boston College is an underrated athletic program in both basketball and football, mostly due to its recent woes, this job simply does not seem like a wise move for Hopkins.  Instead, the Confidential posits that Hopkins and South Florida would be a good match.  Here is why.

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