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Kudos to Syracuse Alums Helping Flint’s Water Crisis

Eric Devendorf had some great on-the-court moments as a Syracuse Orange, as well as some questionable off-the-court moments.  Most Syracuse fans “liked” Eric, but most opponents certainly did not.  There was nothing about Devendorf’s on-the-court persona that endeared himself to others.  But, Syracuse fan or otherwise, one has to be proud of what he (and other Syracuse alums) are doing to help Flint, Michigan, with its water crisis.

Syracuse’s Eric Devendorf is one of many former college basketball players to lend their names to a charity game to support Flint, Michigan.

Look, there is nothing particularly notable about playing in a basketball game.  That is what basketball players do.  But Devendorf is also promoting the game–making stops on sports radio and promoting the gofundme page.  For a guy with a questionable reputation, good for him.

Kudos to Mookie Jones for also agreeing to participate.  Frankly, kudos to ALL the former players who are donating their time and name (with ranges of value) to the cause.  Mateen Cleaves and the other Michigan “Flint-stones” will certainly be a big draw too.  Even Derrick Coleman and Mark Ingram (NFLer) will be participating.  Let’s hope that the event is a success.

Naturally, if you want to help or donate, the above gofundme page is a good start.



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