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A Real “Targeting” Penalty

The objective football fan in you can decide just how severe the hit on Syracuse Quarterback Eric Dungey, by Central Michigan defender Mitch Stanitzek, was.  Stanitzek was given a targeting penalty and ejected.  That was also Dungey’s last play of the game, as he is injured.  Even worse, he is now likely to miss the upcoming game between Syracuse (3-0) and Louisiana State (3-0).  While Syracuse was a long shot to reach a bowl, much less go undefeated, the impact of the Dungey injury is that it is that much less likely that Syracuse can pull off the upset.  Needless to say, the cheap shot by Stanitzek has an impact on Dungey and Syracuse that goes beyond just the week 3 game.  Is a mere one-game ejection enough?  There is a good argument that such plays deserve a more serious penalty–a real “targeting” penalty.

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