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Which School Will Win Their First College Football National Title, First?

UCLA, the home of over 100 national championships in multiple sports, just won their first College World Series for their first national championship in baseball. I imagine that served as the inspiration for a great question on the college football sub Reddit which asked which program will be the next to win their next college football national championship.

To come up with my top five choices to answer this question I used the information from College Football Data Warehouse, which lists the recognized national champion on a yearly basis dating back to 1869. Most people today go by the first Associated Press champion, which was Minnesota in 1936. Because I am going by the CFDW list I do not include a program like Stanford, who is recognized as the 1926 national champion.One thing to keep in mind here as well is the idea that this upcoming season will be the final year under the current BCS format. Starting in 2014 the College Football Playoff will kick off with a four-team playoff format, which will offer more opportunity for a couple of teams to make a realistic and viable championship run.

So, which schools do I think are most likely to win their first national championship first? The first program on my list may be the easiest answer.

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