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Syracuse Football: What Options Does Syracuse Have (Option?)

Before 1987, Syracuse was a very similar program that it has been in the past several years–fighting for (rarer) bowl spots.  Then, Don McPherson led Syracuse on a magical 1987 season that culminated with an 11-0 record and ultimately a tie with Auburn in the Sugar Bowl.  A few years later, Marvin Graves would lead Syracuse to back-to-back 10-win seasons, two of just four such seasons in the Carrier Dome era.  While Donovan McNabb’s NFL career gives him notoriety, it was Don McPherson that led Syracuse from being a regional also-ran to a team that could compete on a national level.  In the years since McNabb, Syracuse has struggled to be above .500.  There are anomalies, including a 10-win season and an 8-win season… and there is also the Greg Robinson era falling considerably on the bad side of the mediocre bell curve.  In any event, the question is–how does Syracuse get back to being nationally relevant in football?  Maybe it is as simple as going back to what worked in the 1980’s.

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