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Random Thoughts on Sports, July 24, 2012

With the NCAA neutering the Nittany Lions yesterday, it is hard to believe that there are other sports stories of interest.  Here are a few that the Confidential is intrigued by:

  1. Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the New York Yankees for two players that, aside from relatives and perhaps a desperate groupie or two, nobody cares about.  Oh, and for the luxury of ridding itself of its most notable player and fan favorite, Seattle contributed money to the deal.  What?  Why give money???  If you are not getting a useful player back, make the Yankees eat his salary.  Otherwise, keep the money… enjoy some extra attendance for Ichiro’s presence… and move on.  To get nothing from the Yankees AND pay is just a terrible baseball move.
  2. The Big XII is shiny and happy at 10 teams right now.  Perhaps conference realignment can take a few years off?  Makes sense.  With the new playoff structure, the conferences and schools should give it some time to see how it plays out.  Perhaps the playoffs will be unfairly slanted towards the Big East, with Boise State winning four straight national championships.  Unlikely, but might as well play it out first.  Heck, maybe the ACC will win a few major bowls games.  Hey, it can happen.
  3. The Olympics are going to start soon.  In the old days, this was great.  An opportunity to see funny names.  Now we have televised NBA and NHL games for that.  It is still a great sports spectacle though.  Hopefully, it can be sports-focused and avoid scandals involving drugs and judges.  And let’s all hope that terrorism is not an issue.

NFL training camps open soon, with college football summer practices not far behind.  Remember to set the alarm on life to January 2013.


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