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Syracuse and Rafael Addison

A caveat: Rafael Addison was my favorite player growing up.  So when Nunes Magician started discussing what off-the-radar player deserved to have his Syracuse jersey retired, I rather easily came to the defense of #12.  As it has, sadly, been nearly 30 years since Addison played, few current fans truly remember him.  But I thought he deserved some recognition.

To get the statistics, I had to rely heavily on this website:  But it reminded me that Addison remains at the top of Syracuse’s career statistical lists:

  • #10 in scoring (without the benefit of a three-point shot)
  • #25 in rebounding (despite playing small forward/shooting guard)
  • #21 in assists (despite playing small forward)
  • #21 in free throw shooting (OK, being a top this list for Syracuse is a bit like being the 21st best looking Boston Celtic ever–hardly the best arrow in the quiver).
  • Three 30-point games
  • 148 career steals

Had Raf, as I presume his friends call him, not been injured his senior season, he would have graduated as the #1 scorer in Syracuse basketball history.  Of course, had he not been injured, Syracuse likely would have had a deeper run in March also.

Addison had a few cups of coffee in the NBA.  I am not sure where he is today.  All I know is that any list of underrated and underappreciated Syracuse basketball players should include Addison.

Do you have any memories of Raf?

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3 thoughts on “Syracuse and Rafael Addison

  1. Addison was before my time, but here is my list of players’ jerseys that have earned the right to have their numbers retired:

    – Lawrence Moten
    – John Wallace
    – Hakim Warrick
    – Gerry McNamara

    In addition, I would add these guys as well, mostly because they were fan favorites, and not necessarily the best players:

    – Stephen Thompson;
    – Conrad McRae (RIP);
    – KRISTOF! Ongenaet;
    – Lucious Jackson (but only if he uses the #5 jersey from his Sr. year so we’ll have “Jackson 5” in the rafters);
    – Etan Thomas (special recognition for what he has accomplished off-the-court);

    Also, special consideration for the football player walk-ons:
    – Donovan McNabb
    – Melvin Tuten
    – Mike Williams

  2. Richard on said:

    Raf Addison was Pearl Washington’s running mate for 3 years, Prototypical 6’7″ forward, rangy with long arms. Got his hands on a lot of balls. His senior season 1986 SU got bounced by Navy (w/ David Robinson) in NCAA’s; a game that was played at the Dome when on campus NCAA games were still allowed. Had they advanced he would’ve been SU’s career leader in scoring. Great Syracuse player who had a stellar career for 4 years. A bit undersized for the NBA, but had a career nonetheless. Living back in NJ, I believe. Loved Raf’s game.

  3. Raf Addison was one of my favorite players. I loved watching him play, and it was such a shame that he was injured his senior year, which dampened his play. He didn’t miss any playing time, but he wasn’t able to be quite the same player.

    I just always remember him having that sweet mid-range jumper, and being all gangly on the court.

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