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The Confidential’s College Football Top 25 & Bottom 4: Week 2

Each week, the Confidential will provide its ranking of the top 25 teams in College Football, as well as the Bottom 4 BCS-level teams.  Here is the Week 2 version, with analysis of the top 15 and bottom 4:

  1. USC (1-0): Hawaii is not a horrible team, most likely.  But USC handled them pretty well.  Next up: Syracuse.
  2. Alabama (1-0): A lot of the nation thinks that Alabama is #1.  The beat down of Michigan IS a compelling argument.  Next up: Western Kentucky
  3. Florida State (1-0): The Seminoles already lost a player for the season–a good one in Brandon Jenkins.  His replacement will get a tune-up against Savannah State this week.  Next up: Savannah State.
  4. LSU (1-0):  The Tigers had no trouble with North Texas winning 41-14.   The Pacific Northwest visits the next two weeks with Washington and Idaho making the trip in.  Next up: Washington.
  5. Oklahoma (1-0): The Sooners took care of UTEP, 24-7.  Not exactly an offensive masterpiece.  Next up: Florida A&M.
  6. Michigan State (1-0): Hey, Sparty beat giant-killer Boise State.  Not everyone can say that in a given year.  Next up: Central Michigan
  7. Clemson (1-0): Clemson erased the sour memory of the Orange Bowl by defeating Auburn without Sammy Watkins.  Not too shabby.  Next up: Ball State.
  8. Oregon (1-0): Offense clicked against Arkansas State, as well it should.  Allowing 34 points though?  Next up: Fresno State.
  9. West Virginia (1-0): Defeated in-state rival Marshall, 69-34.  It was quiet an offensive show for the new member of the Big XII.  Look out Oklahoma.  Next up: James Madison.
  10. Georgia (1-0): The Nation will learn a lot about Georgia this week, as it opens up SEC play against newcomer Missouri.  The defeat of Buffalo was… meh.  Next up: Missouri.
  11. Arkansas (1-0): The Razorbacks looked OK defeating overmatched Jacksonville State.  More creampuffs ahead thsi week.  Next up: Louisiana-Monroe.
  12. South Carolina (1-0): Win over Vandy was nice.  The game itself was not so impressive, nor was the officiating that helped the Gamecocks considerably.  Next up: East Carolina.
  13. Wisconsin (1-0): Lackluster performance against Northern Iowa, winning 26-21.  Bigger test this week against Oregon State, especially on the road.  Next up: Oregon State.
  14. Virginia Tech (1-0): On the one hand, the Hokies barely beat Georgia Tech.  On the other hand, how many top 15 teams played a team that good week 1?  Next up: Austin Peay
  15. Michigan (0-1): Michigan looked bad enough to drop out of the top 15.  But Alabama might be just that good.  Next up: Air Force.
  16. Texas (1-0).  Next up: New Mexico.
  17. Ohio State (1-0).  Next up: Central Florida.
  18. Nebraska (1-0).  Next up: UCLA
  19. Louisville (1-0).  Next up: Missouri State.
  20. TCU (1-0).  Next up: Grambling State.
  21. Stanford (1-0).  Next up: Duke.
  22. Notre Dame (1-0).  Next up: Purdue.
  23. Kansas State (1-0).  Next up: Miami.
  24. Florida (1-0).  Next up: Texas A&M.
  25. Oklahoma State (1-0).  Look, you hang 84 points on an FCS school, you are classless.  Enjoy #25.  Next up: Arizona.

* * *

121.  Maryland (1-0).  While losing is worse than winning, beating an FCS team 7-6 is really not something to be proud of.  Yikes.

122. Colorado (0-1).  Remember when the Buffaloes were awesome?  Yeah, neither does the Confidential.  Another win for Colorado State.

123.  Penn State (0-1).  As bad as things are, losing to Ohio has to be a disappointment.  Who knew Temple was the dominant team in Pennsylvania?

124.  Pittsburgh (0-1).  Losing to an FCS team is bad.  Losing at home is worse.  Losing by 14?  Ugh.

So there it is.  If you do not like it… sorry.  But feel free to share your reasons why…

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