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Is Georgia Tech the Next to Leave the ACC?

The Confidential does not invent these rumors, just reporting them. This one is getting a lot of attention over on Frank the Tank’s latest blog entry.  See the comments and sources there.

This never ends.

Update: For whatever its worth, the acting athletic director is denying the rumors.  See here.  The money quotes are as follows:

“I’m not aware of any communications between university leadership and the Big Ten or any other conference,” Griffin said Friday afternoon from Charlotte, where Tech will play Florida State for the ACC football championship Saturday.

Griffin acknowledged that an action like switching conferences from the ACC to the Big Ten would take place at an executive level, but said that Tech president G.P. “Bud” Peterson “has told me there’s been no communication nor does he expect any.”

It is hard to know what is smoke and what is smoke from fire these days.  Take most of what you read with a grain of salt, apparently.

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2 thoughts on “Is Georgia Tech the Next to Leave the ACC?

  1. Vinnie Saltine on said:

    The ACC & ESPN need to make some bold measures to secure their teams in the conference. Whether that’s just increasing the TV contract, or allowing schools to keep their own 3rd tier rights (if they so choose), or announcing the creation of an ACC network on ESPN. Something to rally the troops and keep them home.

  2. Unless Florida is the B1G’s 16th school, GA Tech to the B1G does not make sense. GT is too far out in an island geographically for the northern conference. A lone outpost in the middle of the SEC & ACC footprints seems odd. GT is academically a match for B1G schools, but it is a relatively small school (enrollment-wise).

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