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Now the Rumor is Georgia Tech & Virginia to the Big 10

Someone named Kevin Jones claims to have a source indicating that Georgia Tech and Virginia will be in the Big 10 by Monday.  If so, it certainly seems that Jim Delaney is hell bent on putting the ACC out of business.  If you cannot win on the field or on the court, at least you can win in the conference realignment game.


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2 thoughts on “Now the Rumor is Georgia Tech & Virginia to the Big 10

  1. A school spokesman and the acting AD told the Atlanta Journal that there was no truth to the rumors yesterday afternoon. I know that people lie, but it’s a pretty strong denial – “There is no truth to the rumors.” Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I choose to believe the AJC and people who actually work for GT over Kevin Jones and Mr. mystery source.

    • Vinnie Saltine on said:

      This is a good point. I think that only 1 school (Mizzou) denied their intent to move to another conference and then actually wound up moving. Not that it couldn’t happen, but this seems like someone just trying to spread rumors.

      Also, as far as UVA, I don’t see why the B1G would want them. It seems that the BIg Ten Network’s M.O. is to attract new markets and potential subscribers. Georgia Tech makes sense; it’s a new territory. UVA, however, seems redundant to the Baltimore/DC market that Maryland would supposedly bring. If you need 2 teams (UVA and MD) in order to capture that market, then you are diluting the value, unless this becomes more about conference domination and less about money.

      But, who the hell knows?

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