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Is Georgia Tech the Next to Leave the ACC? Updated.

The Confidential does not invent these rumors, just reporting them. This one is getting a lot of attention over on Frank the Tank’s latest blog entry.  See the comments and sources there.

This never ends.

Update 1: For whatever its worth, the acting athletic director is denying the rumors.  See here.  The money quotes are as follows:

“I’m not aware of any communications between university leadership and the Big Ten or any other conference,” Griffin said Friday afternoon from Charlotte, where Tech will play Florida State for the ACC football championship Saturday.

Griffin acknowledged that an action like switching conferences from the ACC to the Big Ten would take place at an executive level, but said that Tech president G.P. “Bud” Peterson “has told me there’s been no communication nor does he expect any.”

It is hard to know what is smoke and what is smoke from fire these days.  Take most of what you read with a grain of salt, apparently.

Update 2: Well, Bud Peterson has spoken up.

Here is the money quote:

“Not true. Not true,” Peterson said prior to the ACC Championship game. “We’re happy in the ACC. We’re staying.”

Internet and radio reports cited unnamed sources or repeated rumors that the school will follow Maryland out of the ACC and to the Big Ten, one reporting that the school will hold a news conference Monday to announce its departure.

“We’re not going anywhere,” said Peterson, speaking outside his suite at Bank of America Stadium.

Perhaps there can be some relaxation now.


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7 thoughts on “Is Georgia Tech the Next to Leave the ACC? Updated.

  1. David Glenn at ACC Sports Journal provides information on what may have started the GT to Big 10 rumors. Here is the link.

    • Did not listen. What’s the scoop? Can you summarize?

      • Basically he says that the Delaney provides a long list of schools to the conference presidents and asks if they are acceptable candidates should there ever be any interest. GT is among those that the presidents have said they would approve, should the BiG 10 or GT ever be mutually interested. Other schools have been rejected, but apparently GT, UNC and UVA, among others, have been approved. It does not mean that there is anything imminent. He says uninformed sources take that approval as a statement that the deal is done and run with it. Again, this is all my interpretation of his comments, so you might want to listen for yourself when you have time to see if you interpret it the same way.

        • Vinnie Saltine on said:

          by the same token, we can all assume that Florida and USC are going to the Big East…

  2. Mark Emmert on said:

    “Internet and radio reports cited unnamed sources or repeated rumors”

    This is the fucking problem. Why does anyone pay any attention to unnamed sources and repeated rumors?

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