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The ACC Has At Least Two Final Four Teams to Root For

As the march to Georgia Tech’s hometown of Atlanta continues, fans of the ACC can be certain that they will have at least two teams to root for.  By beating Marquette handily in yesterday’s Elite 8 game, Syracuse ensured that there will be someone from on that side of the bracket to root for.  Meanwhile, there is no doubt that one of Duke or Louisville will be heading to Atlanta too.  So ACC fans can be certain that they will have a rooting interest for two of the teams next weekend.  But that just leads to two more questions.

#1.  Who are you rooting for in today’s game between the Blue Devils and the Cardinals?

For Duke fans, that is easy.  For Louisville fans, that is easy.  But if you are a fan of one of the other thirteen schools, who are you going to be cheering for?  Is the Duke hatred so strong that you are leaning Louisville?  As a future ACC member, it would be fine to root for Louisville anyway.  Then again, they currently represent the Big East (or the leftovers, or whatever they are being called right now)?  And then there is the coaches–some people have strong feelings about Coach K and Rick Pitino.  The one thing that is clear is that both are excellent coaches.  Should be a great game today.

#2. A similar question arises out of the Michigan-Florida matchup.

The Big 10 is becoming the New York Yankees of college sports–throwing their money around without any regard for making sound decisions or the “Butterfly Effect” impact on the rest of college sports.  If that is not bad enough, how can anyone root for the Michigan Wolverines?  The cockiest of all the Big 10 fanbases, the program brought us the Fab 5, and then sanctions for apparently having bought the Fab 5.  And the football team is full of self-worth and entitlement, despite once thinking that hiring Greg Robinson was a step in the right direction for a defense.  But the other option is Florida–rival to Florida State and Miami.  Not exactly the most modest of fan bases either.  And Billy Donovan had his own core of players that, much like the Fab 5, provided two years of outstanding play.  At the very least, it is difficult to dislike Billy Donovan and his Michigan counterpart, John Beilein.

So, you tell us, who are you rooting for in today’s Elite 8 matchups?

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4 thoughts on “The ACC Has At Least Two Final Four Teams to Root For

  1. FYI, rooting for Florida. I hate the Big 10 and everything about it. Sorry if that offends the Floridian ACC fans, but it is what it is.

    As for Duke-Louisville, gotta go with Duke. The Blue Devils are an ACC blueblood. Don’t worry Louisville, you’ve had kind of an OK sports year, remember?

  2. haha this is an easy one! Definitely not Duke…if you’re talking cocky and entitled in the ACC, that’s the Blue Devils. The only people around the Triangle who like Duke are people NOT from North Carolina…The University of New Jersey at Durham actually reminds me a lot of the Big Ten. If they expand (which I hope they just add Uconn and Kansas and leave us alone), Duke would be a great fit. UNC, not so much…

  3. Duke – because VT gets a cut of their winnings, but not UL’s winnings
    Florida – because I don’t want to put any more money into the B1G
    Still, I’d be very happy with a Louisville/Syracuse final… Wichita St/Florida not so much.

  4. BruceMcF on said:

    “Then again, they currently represent the Big East (or the leftovers, or whatever they are being called right now)?”

    They aren’t representing the leftovers until next year. This year, they are representing the Old Big East in its final season.

    Which makes that game easy for me ~ I’m cheering for Duke to lose because … well, “Duke”, and for Louisville to win, because the Old Big East makes me old nostalgic for my twenties.

    The other game is harder. I’m cheering for the Stunted Fake Wolves to lose and I’m cheering for the SEC team to lose, and I’m cheering for Florida to lose, so if they could both lose, that’s the only outcome that would be entirely satisfactory.

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