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Week 1 Fantasy Football Results

The Confidential is running a fantasy football contest each week and during the regular season.  Here are the rules.  Remember, you can enter in Week 2 and still be eligible for the overall prize–which is given to the entrant who wins the most weeks.  But, for now, let’s recap the Week 1 results:

Week #1 Winner:  Lenville Cards, 128.4 pts

Although Lenville did not pick a squad that would earn him the bonus 5 points, he did manage the most overall points.  Winston, Boone, Crowder, Boyd, Pitt defense, and Brian Kelly.

Top 10 in the Week 1-4 Prize Contest:

  1. Lenville Cards 128.4
  2. BenBoyd  111.7
  3. Brian  110.5
  4. Henry  108.7
  5. ACaffrey 106.7
  6. Mr Tar Heel  93.7
  7. JimmyBMyHero  89.3
  8. Vickery 83.2
  9. ShrimptonIV 83.1
  10. AndyTiminski  80.8

Overall Prize Standings:

LenvilleCards 1 win

The other billions of people on the planet  0 wins

For detailed scoring, see the Week 1 entry page.  If the math is an issue or you question the scoring, please let me know ASAP.  In double-checking, I found some errors… so I am far from infallible.  Just let me know.  Hopefully, I can do better with week 2.

In addition, ESPN did not provide sack stats, so I had to get them elsewhere, FYI.  Hopefully, ESPN can get on the ball with that moving forward.  If not, we may shift up the source of stats to a place that will be one-stop shopping.

Again, win or lose Week 1, keep entering.  Whomever wins Week #2 will be tied with LenvilleCards!







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