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Updated Prize: Week 1 of ACC Fantasy Football Contest

UPDATE: Most points week 1 through 4 = a $25.00 PayPal Gift!  Get Your Week 1 Entry in ASAP! 

It is the first week of the Confidential’s ACC Fantasy Football Contest.  If you missed the lengthier rules, check it out here

Otherwise, it is simple… pick six and try to win the week.  Pick six?  Yes, pick one QB, one RB, one WR, one more RB/WR/TE, one SCHOOL defense, and one coach.  All must be from one of the 15 ACC Schools. 

That’s it.

Enter your entry below. 


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37 thoughts on “Updated Prize: Week 1 of ACC Fantasy Football Contest

  1. QB: Boone, Duke
    RB: Parks, Virginia
    WR: Crowder, Duke
    Flex: Boyd, Pitt
    Defense: Virginia Tech
    Coach: Addazio, Boston College

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  3. QB: Hunt, Syracuse
    RB: Thornton, NC State
    WR: Boyd, Pitt
    Flex: Broyld, Syracuse
    Defense: Pittsburgh
    Coach: Shafer, Syracuse

    • a very Big Eastish week

      • yeah, I’m a Syracuse homer first-and-foremost..but there is a method to my madness:

        Four of the top ACC teams (FSU, Clemson, Miami, L’ville) all have tough match-ups in week 1. So that may depress some stats.

        UNC, Duke, VPI, and GT all have cupcakes, so if all goes well they’ll get a lot of back-ups in the game.

        Syracuse/’Nova should be a high scoring game, and if past is prologue, SU never seems to get their back-ups in during these types of games.

        NC State should be GA Southern…but anything is possible with the Wolfpack. Perhaps they’ll have starters play most of the game.

        Pitt is going to beat Delaware, but don’t sleep on the fighting blue hens. Plus,Tyler Boyd is my early pick for Non-QB Offensive Player of the Year.

      • How many points do I get if my QB is ejected for punching someone?

    • Hunt 7.2
      Thornton 7.3
      Boyd 8.5
      Broyld 5.7
      Pitt 40
      Shafer 3
      Bonus: 0
      Total: 71.7

  4. QB: Winston, Fl St
    RB: D. Johnson, Miami
    WR: Crowder, Duke

    Flex: Estime, Syracuse
    Defense: North Carolina

    Coach: Dabo Swinney, Clemson

  5. Ben Boyd entry:

    Ben Boyd 16h

    QB: Jameis
    RB: Duke Johnson
    WR: Tyler Boyd
    WR: Crowder
    Defense: VT
    Coach: Shafer

  6. QB- J. Winston FSU (Damn you Fedora, with your wait till Saturday crap)! lol

    RB- D. Johnson UM (Just threw up in my mouth for this pic, and GT I cannot stand your offense… it is impossible to figure out who will be the main carrier… anyone know?)

    WR- Crowder Duke

    WR- Q. Davis UNC

    D- VT

    Coach- Kelly ND

  7. QB- Jameis Winston FSU
    RB- Duke Johnson MIA
    WR- Jamison Crowder Duke
    WR- Tyler Boyd Pitt
    Defense- Virginia Tech
    Coach- Dabo Swiney Clemson

  8. QB J Winston Fla St
    RB D Brown U of L
    WR J Crowder Duke
    FLEX T Boyd Pitt
    DEF Pitt
    COACH Kelly ND

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  10. QB Boone Duke
    RB Karlos Williams FSU
    WR Charone Peake Clemson
    WR Tyler Boyd
    D Virginia Tech
    Coach Dabo Swinney

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  12. Josh Vickery on said:

    QB -Winston – FSU
    RB – Duke Johnson – Miami
    WR – Davis – UNC
    WR – Underwood – NC St
    D – Boston College
    Coach – Fisher – FSU

  13. jimmyBmyHero on said:

    QB – Terrell Hunt – Syracuse
    RB – Duke Johnson – Miami
    WR – Jamison Crowder – Duke
    Flex – RB Karlos Williams – Florida State
    DEF – Virginia Tech
    Coach – Kelly – Notre Dame

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  15. QB – Jameis Winston- FSU
    RB – Duke Johnson – Miami
    WR – Quinshad Davis – UNC
    Flex – WR Tyler Boyd- Pitt
    DEF – Virginia Tech
    Coach – Swinney- Clemson

  16. Thanks to all who entered in Week 1. Remember to enter in Week 2. While entries are closed for Week 1 (and by extension the Week 1 to Week 4 prize), one can win the overall prize even without a Week 1 entry!

    Good luck to all!

  17. No one picked Pitt RB Connor..who had 4 TDs in the FIRST HALF!

  18. Qb – Jameis Winston, Florida St.
    Rb – Dom Brown, Louisville
    Wr – Jamison Crowder, Duke
    Flex – Boyd, Pitt
    Def – North Carolina
    Coach – Bobby Petrino, Louisville

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