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PRIZE UPDATE: The Three Confidential Fantasy Football Games & Contests!

UPDATE: Here are the prizes:

  • Game 1: Pick the Playoffs: Prize is $25.00 PayPal gift.
  • Game 2: Fantasy Football: Overall winner gets a $75.00 PayPal gift.  Also, the entrant with the most points from Week 1 to Week 4 will get a $25.00 PayPal Gift.  We may have more prizes as well in this game.
  • Game 3: Survivor Pool: Prize is a $50.00 PayPal gift

As you may know, the Confidential is running not one… not two… but three fantasy football games/contests for 2014.  If you have not entered yet, what could you possibly be waiting for?  Basketball season?  Heck, no.  Contrary to what Randy “6-18 in ACC” Edsall might have to say, the ACC is a football conference too.  You, therefore, are a football fan.  So start proving your knowledge against other ACC fans.  Here are the games.

Game 1: Pick the Playoffs

This one is easier than… well, let’s not slander anyone.  This one is E-A-S-Y.

All you need to do is go here and “comment” with your four playoff teams, ranked in order.

An example would be: 1. Rutgers, 2. Maryland, 3. Kentucky, 4. Florida.  Only that would be the entries in bizarro world.  You need to pick the teams that you really think will be 1-2-3-4 in the standings.

And get your picks in BEFORE the season starts to be eligible for the prizes.

Game 2: ACC Fantasy Football

This one is the most complex. You need to pick six ACC football players each week.  They will accumulate stats.  The more points you get, the more likely you are to win.  Actually, this is pretty simple too.  So go ahead and enter your picks for Week 1.

The season winner will be the person who wins the most weeks.  That way, if you miss a week, you are not out of the running for the prize.

Game 3: ACC Survivor Pool

We did this one last year.  Real simple… you have to pick one school to win each week.  If you are right, you stay alive.  If you lose, you are eliminated.  The last one standing wins the prize.  See here for explanation of how to enter.

So there it is.  The 2014 Confidential Fantasy Football/Contest slate.  The prizes will be announced later in the week.

Good luck to all!



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