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Fine… One More Contest For ACC Fans & Others

The Confidential is pleased to be offering two different fantasy football options for fans of ACC schools… the survivor pool and the individual player game.  Hopefully, all ACC fans choose to take part in these contests.  But what about non-ACC fans?  And college football in general.  Well, fine… one more contest from the Confidential.  This one is Pick the Playoffs!   All you need to do to enter is comment on THIS page with your selections.

This contest is, itself, very simple.  All you need to do is pick the 4 teams that will be selected for the college playoffs this year AND rank them.  There is no tiebreaker.  If multiple people can get this right by making their prediction before the first kickoff of the season… congrats.  You deserve to win, even if others do also.

Good luck!

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23 thoughts on “Fine… One More Contest For ACC Fans & Others

  1. I’ll go first:
    1. Florida State
    2. Alabama
    3. Michigan State
    4. Oregon

  2. 1. Alabama
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Stanford
    4. Florida state

  3. 1 Florida State
    2 Oklahoma
    3 LSU
    4 UCLA

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  5. 1. Oregon
    2. Florida State
    3. Georgia
    4. Oklahoma

  6. Orangeman: Fighter of the Nightman on said:

    1. Alabama
    2. Florida State
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Oregon

  7. highsocks21 on said:

    1. Syracuse
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Oregon
    4. South Carolina

  8. Ben Boyd on said:

    1. FSU
    2. Bama
    3. Mich St.
    4. Oregon

  9. 1. Oregon
    2. Alabama
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Louisville

    I know, I know. Had to do it though. Go Cards!

  10. 1-FSU 13-0
    2-Wisc 13-0
    3-UCLA 12-1
    4-Okl 11-1

    ….The SEC winner and runner up each have 3 losses… and the Earth splits open as no SEC team is in the playoff! BOOM I SAID IT!

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  12. 1. FSU
    2. Alabama
    3. UCLA
    4. Georgia

  13. 1. Florida St.
    2. Alabama
    3. Oregon
    4. South Carolina

  14. Josh Vickery on said:

    1. FSU
    2. Alabama
    3. Mich St
    4. UCLA

  15. 1) Florida State
    2) Oregon
    3) Oklahoma
    4) Georgia

  16. SEC_Domination on said:

    1. Florida St.
    2. Alabama
    3. Michigan St.
    4. Georgia

  17. R Hartlage on said:

    1 Florida State
    2 Alabama
    3 UCLA
    4 Michigan State

  18. J Andolino on said:

    1 Oregon
    2 Florida State
    3 Oklahoma
    4 Alabama

  19. Entries are now closed. Thanks to all who submitted an entry. Check back for updates as the season progresses and the playoff standings are distributed.

  20. 1. Florida state
    2. Texas A&M
    3. Oregon
    4. Wisconsin

  21. Congrats to Orangeman: Fighter of the Nightman, the winner of the contest. He picked Alabama #1, as well as getting FSU and Oregon in there. 5 other teams had the correct three, but most people figured that an undefeated FSU would be #1. Sigh.

    Orangeman… send a direct message to us on Twitter (@acconfi) regarding how to claim your prize!

    Congrats & thanks to all!

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