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Classless Clemson

The Confidential is not a fan of the unwritten rules in sports…such as the inability of a team to steal a base when up by 5 in the 8th inning or bunt when being no-hit late in the game.  If it helps you win, you should do it.  And until the other team gives up, why should you?  But there is one thing that makes sports great–it is when sportsmanship prevails.  And one demonstration of sportsmanship is caring for the injured player of an opponent.  On Saturday evening, Clemson fans did not cheer or clap for injured Syracuse players.  Instead, they booed them.  There is no more classless a display possible for a fan base.  Congratulations Clemson… too many of you ARE classless.

It is too bad, really.  The one thought when seeing a packed Death Valley for a middling opponent like Syracuse is “these are among the best fans in sports.”  That was the Confidential’s thought at kickoff.

As the game went on, however, Clemson fans showed that they may be willing to pay money and show up to support their team… but too many of them are far too classless to deserve any praise at all.

Two of the Syracuse injuries were to John Raymon and Brisley Estime.  Estime had missed several games and left the stadium on CRUTCHES.  John Raymon is just returning from a “brutal injury” suffered in 2013.  These were far from faked injuries.  When guys leave the game and do not return… guess what, Clemson fans, they are legitimate injuries.  Even the injury to Syracuse’s best pro prospect, Sean Hickey, resulted in Hickey missing a full series and a half of play.  Does that seem fake?

Frankly, the idea that Syracuse’s players were getting hurt is not that surprising.  Syracuse’s QB weighs 177 pounds.  Syracuse’s two main running backs, Prince Tyson Gulley and Erv Phillips, weigh 179 and 193 pounds.  Syracuse’s defensive lineman who was hurt, Ron Thompson, plays defensive tackle at 257 pounds.  Estime weighs 180.  Syracuse not only lacks talent, they lack age, experience, and size at every position.

The idea that Syracuse was faking injuries is ludicrous.  They don’t have the depth to lose any player for any play.  It was ludicrous when North Carolina State’s coach accused Florida State of the same thing a few weeks ago… and then apologized.  As well he should.  But apologies, at the very least, show that the lack of class was the anomaly.

We’ll see if any Clemson fans apologize.  You know it will not happen.  The Confidential knows it will not happen.  Class does not arrive overnight.  In the meantime, Clemson fans will have to deal with the karma of being so classless.

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7 thoughts on “Classless Clemson

  1. Clemson Fan on said:

    Clemson fan here. Apologies to injured Syracuse players not faking injuries. You will need to ask you coaches which ones were fake or not. Lots of cramping by Cuse players on a cool night in Clemson. Even TV announcers were questioning if several timely injuries were flops.

    • cramping and injuries to SU players have been common every game so far. I have questioned the strength & conditioning program of the team all season; perhaps too much yoga.

      As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, I can certainly understand wanting to boo what could be a fake injury, especially when a team suddenly starts going up-tempo…but as I pointed out on Twitter – there is no logical reason whatsoever to boo an injured player on offense.

  2. When a fan-base boos injuries of another team, they assume the risk of being viewed in a negative light by other fans, despite their own perceived belief they are right about the other team faking. It is never a good idea to ever boo injuries… you just do not know.

    • Agreed. I remember being disturbed by the Wolfpack fans booing during that aforementioned FSU game. One can always find something to boo about that doesn’t call into question one’s humanity.

  3. I cant comment on what happened between Clemson & Cuse but I can say that Cards fans that traveled to Death Valley have reported that the fans were very hospitable and inviting.

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  5. arthurrath on said:

    Syracuse Fakes? The team could be without six offensive starters against NC State–injuries at Clemson–booed as fake–aren’t healed. Classy Clemson.

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