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Scott Shafer and Ranked Opponents

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We we near the end of year 3 of the Scott Shafer head football coaching tenure at Syracuse, there are only four games left: Louisville, Clemson, North Carolina State, and Boston College.  Whether Shafer returns as head coach can and should be determined based on the complete picture after all those games are completed.  Even if we want to stop the constant refrain of Shafer is a great man (as if other coaches from Greg Robinson to Jimbo Fisher eat puppies for breakfast), he deserves the full three years–including these last four games.

It should be noted that we are still waiting for a signature Shafer win over a ranked team.  In the meantime, Minnesota’s interim coach almost recorded one over #15 Michigan last night, while Miami’s interim coach did (somehow and perhaps unjustly) accomplish same over Duke last night.  In fact, it is notable that Syracuse punching-bag and overall…

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