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Syracuse-Clemson Game Does Not Impact Shafer’s Status

So the end result is that Syracuse does not face a must-win against North Carolina State next week, but Scott Shafer surely does. If the team plays as well as they have against LSU and Clemson, he likely saves his job. If the team does not rise to the occasion and pull the mild upset, the writing is on the wall.

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No reasonable Syracuse fan was expecting wins over LSU and Clemson.  No reasonable Syracuse fan would judge Scott Shafer’s tenure as head coach by the results of those games.  No reasonable Syracuse fan could deny that Syracuse was far more competitive in both games than expected.  No reasonable Syracuse fan can deny credit to Shafer and his staff for making the team competitive in those games.  However, after 10 games, Shafer stands at 3-7, and 13-22 for his career.  While the Clemson game showed the team’s potential, Shafer’s fate must be decided by the final two games of this season.

First, while the performances against LSU and Clemson were impressive, the reality is that neither opponent played its “A” game, Syracuse played great, and the final results were two losses.  The two most impressive performances were losses.  As expected, even if by fewer points than expected.

Second, the team had…

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