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Who ESPN “Hates”: January 22, 2014

Everywhere the Confidential goes, there is someone complaining that the ESPN hates their school, team, division, league, conference, mascot, fan base, stadium, city, favorite color, etc.  It is borderline paranoia now.  With hundreds of personalities, just because someone employed by ESPN says something that is not 100% positive relative to what you believe in or follow, it is immature to believe that ESPN hates or endorses same.  It is funny when there are 10 blogs at once stating that ESPN hates things (i.e. hates the Big 10 because it loves the SEC and hates the SEC because it loves the Big 10).

So, for fun and jest, the Confidential is going to introduce a new feature: Who ESPN hates!  The hatred as of January 22, 2014, is as follows:

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