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Who ESPN “Hates”: January 22, 2014

Everywhere the Confidential goes, there is someone complaining that the ESPN hates their school, team, division, league, conference, mascot, fan base, stadium, city, favorite color, etc.  It is borderline paranoia now.  With hundreds of personalities, just because someone employed by ESPN says something that is not 100% positive relative to what you believe in or follow, it is immature to believe that ESPN hates or endorses same.  It is funny when there are 10 blogs at once stating that ESPN hates things (i.e. hates the Big 10 because it loves the SEC and hates the SEC because it loves the Big 10).

So, for fun and jest, the Confidential is going to introduce a new feature: Who ESPN hates!  The hatred as of January 22, 2014, is as follows:


  • Syracuse, Louisville, and North Carolina--look at Gregg Easterbrook picking on those schools and recent issues related to same.

Apparently, there was no punting to complain about.

  • The ACC–sheesh, ESPN is totally hating on the ACC now.  Eamonn Brennan notes that ACC scoring is down… way down.

That just means that the defense is that much better.  What else when Pitt and Syracuse’s 2-3 zone enter the equation?

  • Wichita State–the ESPN power rankings put undefeated Wichita State behind one-loss Michigan State.

Anything to please the Big 10, presumably.  Plus, this is not one commentator’s opinion, but several.

Oh by the way, San Diego State beat Kansas and its only loss remains to #1 Arizona.

Heck, let’s face it.  The above two entries suggest that ESPN hates the mid-majors.  Heck (as long as we are using quasi-profanity to begin every sentence), ESPN probably came up with the name “mid-major.”  So much hate.

  • The Milwaukee Brewers–ouch, the baseball brains at ESPN rank the Brewers dead last in terms of positioning for the future (i.e. 2018).

BTW, including Jim Bowden in the panel is debatable, but when Buster Olney and Keith law are issuing opinions, the Confidential listens.  Even if it is hating on the Brewers.

Well, that is it this episode of Who ESPN “Hates.”  If you see or feel hatred in the future, let us know.  Maybe we will run your comments along with the blurb.  And tune in next time to see if ESPN hates both the Winter Olympics and not having the Winter Olympics…

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3 thoughts on “Who ESPN “Hates”: January 22, 2014

  1. The best thing about Easterbrook’s column, by the way, was the discussion about XPs. One of his writers suggested the idea that whomever scores the TD should kick the XP. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

  2. Recently watched a promo for an ACC basketball doubleheader on ESPN. In between the plugs for the games a league logo popped up. Imagine my surprise when the logo was for the “SEC”! This from an outlet that is rolling out a new SEC network. Conspiracy? Not-so-subliminal-seduction? You decide…

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