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FSU Fans Need a Reality Check

Another day, another day for FSU fans to flock to message boards crying about how the Atlantic Coast Conference has treated them so poorly.  If you read the message boards, this pretty much sums up the Seminoles fans:








Crying about this, crying about that.  Having to play a Thursday game.  Having to play Clemson after a tough game against Oklahoma.  Having to share money.  Having to drink 2% milk instead of skim milk at the continental breakfast during a conference meeting in 2008.

The bottom line is this… Florida State has not really mattered in football in a long, long time.  From 2001 to 2011, no less than 3 losses.  81-50 is good, but hardly elite.  Oklahoma was 119-24 and Texas was 114-28 over the same period.  Florida State was 29th, behind Boston College, Louisville, and Hawaii.

Indeed, the last time Florida State was elite was 2000, when they were 11-2, losing to Oklahoma 13-2 in the Orange Bowl.  The year before, of course, the Seminoles were 12-0 and national champions.  And before 1999, Florida State’s record speaks for itself regarding its great run under Bobby Bowden.  At 109-13-1, Florida State had the best record of all teams during the 1990s.

But we are talking about the 1990s.  By comparison, Syracuse–a recent ACC addition–had the 14th most wins during the 1990s, ahead of Virginia Tech, Texas, Clemson, and Oklahoma.  Do Florida State fans really want to cling to the 1990s?

Again, from 2001 to 2011, we are talking a team that really did not put itself into national relevance at all.   That’s not the ACC’s fault.  That’s Florida State’s fault.

And, until Florida State fans can point to some real detriment in being in the ACC, the rest is just crying.  The Confidential says… “Man up and win more games, and then complain about your conference brethren.”





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