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Florida State and the Playoffs!

ACC football fans know the result, Florida State toppled Georgia Tech, 37-35, to win the ACC Championship Game and complete another undefeated thirteen game pre-bowl season.  As previously noted, Florida State–as the only undefeated team from a P5 conference–should be the #1 seed.  Sure, one could make the argument that if, say, Duke was 13-0, their uber-soft OOC schedule would make such a conclusion unjust.

But… so what?  This is not St. Joseph’s or Wichita State in hoops.  You play in a P5 conference, you run the gauntlet of a conference schedule, you deserve your #1 spot.  And it is up to the #2, #3, and #4 team to prove that it was undeserved on the field.

Instead we have quasi-anxiety over whether Florida State will even make the final four.  If you look around the Internet, you will find folks throwing that pasta at the wall.  Unreal.

Florida State is the only team in FBS that showed up every week for 13 weeks and did not leave as the loser even once.  If that is not worthy of a top four spot, then they might as well disband the committee.  The committee is there to settle difficult disputes, not create them.  Florida State must be in somewhere, leaving three spots–deciding which of several one-loss teams is hard enough.

If Florida State is left out of the playoff, there should be outrage.  This is not what the system was supposed to do.

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One thought on “Florida State and the Playoffs!

  1. I agree… and now FSU as the 3 seed goes to play Oregon in what amounts to a home game for them compared to FSU. I guess I shouldn’t complain, as FSU is in the playoff.

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