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Proposed Changes in Sports #2: Why FSU Should Be #1 By Rule

Everyone has some opinions on what they would like to see change–both in the sports world and outside of it.  For whatever its worth (and it probably is not worth much), there are plenty of changes throughout sports that this author would like to see.  Before we touched on the College Football Playoff reporting issues.  But the rankings needs work also…as Florida State should be #1.  As should ANY team that is the sole undefeated team from a Power 5 conference after 10 games.


OK, with the College Football Playoff Committee’s decision to have Alabama leap over FSU and Oregon based on beating Mississippi State, the Confidential cannot take it any longer.  The goal in football has always been to win 100% of your games.  Always.  Unless you are outside a major conference (see Brigham Young), going undefeated and being the SOLE undefeated team was usually the best way to win a title.  Indeed, if this season were to end under the BCS regime or its predecessors, an undefeated Florida State would be the national champion.

But, by the same token, if Tennessee or Wisconsin or Kansas State or Arizona State did the same thing, they too would be the national champion.  That is and has always been the way it is done.

In light of same, there is absolutely no reason why any one-loss team from a power conference–a dozen weeks into the season–should ever be behind a one-loss team.  None.  The system should reward perfection BEFORE it starts analyzing warts for size, shape, and color.

The rankings as of today should be: (1) Florida State; (2) Alabama; (3) Oregon; and (4) Mississippi State.  It is perplexing that the committee has undefeated Florida State #3.

The excuse is that Florida State has not played anyone.  But Florida State scheduled and beat Oklahoma State and Notre Dame out-of-conference.  What else can the Seminoles do?  They have also beaten Louisville, Clemson, and Miami within conference.  And Florida looms.  Again, what else can the Seminoles do?

In fairness, Alabama tested itself with West Virginia opening week.  The Mountaineers are 6-4 and Oklahoma State is 5-5, with WVU also having won the head-to-head matchup.  Oregon, too, tested itself… beating Michigan State.

The problem is that Oregon lost to Arizona at home.  This is the same Arizona team that lost to Southern Cal, which lost to Boston College.  Oregon walked onto a football field and walked off the loser.  That is something that Florida State has yet to do.

Similarly, Alabama walked off the field at Ole Miss a loser.  Not an embarrassing loss by any stretch.  But not so significant that a team with a perfect record should bow to it.

At this late juncture of the season, the sole undefeated team from a Power 5 conference should be the #1 team.  And this is a change that the Confidential would like to see.



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6 thoughts on “Proposed Changes in Sports #2: Why FSU Should Be #1 By Rule

  1. Preach!

    Interesting note, when UF plays FSU it will be the 7th time this year that a team who is facing FSU in a week had either a bye/time off (5) or an FCS opponent (2) the week prior. That is more than half the year teams essentially had an extra week to pull out all the tricks against FSU, and Syracuse (an 8th team) also had one more day to prepare. In Clemson’s case, they had two extra weeks to prepare… FCS then a Bye before FSU. Now FSU in a few of those cases also had a bye or FCS opponent, but the reason I mention the opponent’s pre-FSU week is that it helps explain the FSU early game struggles in part.

    Has anyone noticed that FSU looks like a different team the second half? A lot of that is spending the first half trying to figure out what the other team is doing, and then adjusting. Look at UM, FSU read them as anyone would as a run team (they were based off all metrics… UM needed the run to win generally). So FSU built a game plan for that, stacking the box, daring Kaaya to beat FSU. Kaaya did just that… and not only that got his tight end involved. Kaaya has been solid this year, but never looked so good as he did the first half against FSU. UM spent 2 weeks making sure kaaya was able to do what he did the first half, knowing FSU only time to prepare enough to stop what they would expect. Then the second half happened and FSU brought out the nickel and shut down Kaaya. Duke was able to get some numbers, but not enough to hold off FSU. A reason for that is UM is a big play offense, usually through the run, but in that first half it was getting big plays as a result of the pass mostly. FSU realize that put out the nickle, gave Duke his 4 to 5 yards, but stopped all big plays. Notice how ineffective UM was the second half. Herbstreet said UM got conservative. It was because FSU adjusted and told UM if they can sustain long drives with 4 yards here and there, good for you, but you will not get anymore big plays even through the air.

    For the record Bama has had 5 instances of this (3 FCS opponents and 2 byes)… Interestingly, Ole Miss played the team playing Bama this year the game prior 3 times. Meaning, Ole Miss softened up several Bama opponents. Oregon has 5 (3 byes and 2 FCS… although in like 4 of those instances Oregon had the same opponent/time off the week prior).

  2. dacuseman on said:

    Why FSU should be # 1

    -They are the only undefeated P5 team

    -They challenged themselves in a manner no other team in the country has scheduling ND, @ OSU to start the season and UF. No other contender comes even remotely close to that

    -They beat their biggest conference rivals without the Winston (CU) and on the road (UM)

    -In the season long #1 debate, many teams have come and gone but, there has only been one constant. FSU

    -FSU was the preseason #1 and has not lost while everyone else has

    -FSU has faced a boat load of off field issues (which I think they are being punished for in the polls), kept their focus and has not lost

    -FSU carries a burden no other team in college football does. They have the reigning COY, Heisman Trophy winner, National Champ, Preseason #1 and a lengthy win streak. Every team wants to be the team that puts the next loss on them.


    Big time sports is about winning and nothing else

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