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ESPN to Broadcast Edward Snowden Selection – UPDATED

It is being reported that ESPN News is going to broadcast the amnesty selection of highly-recruited leaker/traitor, Edward Snowden, the former government contractor that leaked confidential information from the NSA.


Snowden has suddenly become  a very hot prospect and received a flurry of offers over the weekend. Although he is not ranked by Scout, he’s listed as a Five Star Leaker by USA’s Rivals. ESPN recruiting expert Tom Luginbuill believes that Snowden could be the best at his position since Aldrich Ames and some are even comparing him to Benedict Arnold, although that’s a very lofty comparison.

Although the top choices, China and Russia apparently passed on Snowden, he currently has offers from Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. Close friend and confidante, Julian Assange, believes that Snowden is leaning toward Venezuela, but it all may change once he can finally get clearance to leave Russia and take his official visits.


Based on his size and skills, draft expert Mel Kiper agrees that Venezuela could immediately use Snowden – especially given the recent government transition that they experienced with the death of Hugo Chavez.

It is expected that Snowden will announce his selection some time this week. ESPN News is going to air an hour-long live special called, “The Decision 2”.


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2 thoughts on “ESPN to Broadcast Edward Snowden Selection – UPDATED

  1. “I’ve decided to take my treasons to…. Paraguay!”

    • M. Caffrey on said:

      I’m looking forward to the signs in the crowd that say things like: “Bolivia was my safety country” and “Edward Snowden Picks Nicaragua”…

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