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Golson Hopes to Return to Notre Dame in 2014

ESPN is reporting that former Notre Dame quarterback, Everett Golson, plans to return to the Fighting Irish in the spring.  For Notre Dame fans, this is a good–but, of course, not nearly as good as having him for 2013.  Quite obviously, Golson was instrumental in Notre Dame’s 12-1 season in 2012.

In 2012, Golson passed for 2,405 yards, while rushing for another 298.  While he struggled in the National Championship game against Alabama, as did the entire team, there was much optimism for his development in 2013 with another year in the Notre Dame system.  However, Golson was suspended for the 2013 season for “poor academic judgment.”

The Confidential notes that this is good news for the kid.  Whatever he did wrong, he has been punished.  By enduring his penalty and returning to Notre Dame, he will continue to develop the character to be successful on the field and in life.  So, while Notre Dame football fans will be happy to see him back in uniform for 2014, let’s all be glad that he has chosen this route.



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    Good News!!

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