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Confidential Correspondents’ Basketball Poll: December 5, 2014

The Confidential routinely polls its correspondents to rank the top ACC basketball teams.  The season is very young, but here is a quick look at the current top 10:

  1. Duke (8-0), 38 pts, 2 first place votes.  The Blue Devils already have wins over Michigan State, Temple, and Stanford, as well as a tough road win against Wisconsin.
  2. (tie) Louisville (6-0) & Virginia (8-0).  31 pts, 1 first place vote.  Louisville notched a good win at home over Ohio State, while Virginia beat a nearly-as-good Maryland team on the road.
  3. see above
  4. Miami (8-0), 27 pts.  The Hurricanes have wins over Florida and Illinois already.
  5. (tie) North Carolina (5-2) & North Carolina State (6-1), 21 pts.  The Tar Heels have losses to Butler and Iowa, but they also have wins over ranked UCLA and Florida.  Meanwhile, North Carolina State has only lost at Purdue, but it is lacking in a solid win in this early part of the season.
  6. see above
  7. Notre Dame (7-1), 17 pts.  The Fighting Irish defeated Michigan State to pick up a good win and help offset an early season loss to Providence.
  8. Syracuse (5-2), 15 pts.  Syracuse has a win over Iowa–who defeated North Carolina–but also have losses to California and at Michigan.
  9. Georgia Tech (6-1), 8 pts.  The Yellow Jackets fans are gearing up for the ACC Championship Game in football, but their hoops team beat Northwestern on the road.  A loss to Marquette is the only blemish so far.
  10. Pittsburgh (4-3), 3 pts.  The losses to San Diego State and Indiana are excusable, the loss to Hawaii raises more questions.  But Pitt gets the edge over the remaining teams.

Others: Clemson, 2 pts.  Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Boston College, and Florida State did not receive votes.

What do you think–do we have anyone over-ranked or under-ranked?

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