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College Football Returns in 28 Days: Get Your TV Remote Ready

The Confidential hopes that you got a tan.  You know–you weren’t inside all summer blogging about Penn State (sigh).  Summer is basically over.  College football starts in a mere 28 days.

You know what, the Confidential is tired of Florida State’s always bellyaching about something.  One Complaint is that one time FSU had to play a Thursday game or something.  The horror!  This year, the ACC football season does not start in 28 days on a Thursday.  There are no shortage of directional schools opening the season on August 28, 2012.  In addition, other no name schools like UConn, UCLA, Texas A&M, Brigham Young, Washington State, Arizona State, and Minnesota are also playing.  Oh, and the SEC is playing a conference game on that day between South Carolina and Vanderbilt.  So there you go generic whiny Seminole fan–the best football conference that ever existed is allowing its well-compensated schools to open the season on a Thursday.  How about them apples?

The first ACC team to play is North Carolina State, who opens play on Friday, August 29, 2012.  They get a tough matchup against Tennessee.  Yep, another SEC team playing on a non-Saturday.  That’s FOUR.   And don’t forget that, on Sunday, Kentucky plays Louisville in a battle over whatever it is these two teams play for–probably a jug or something.  So that’s 5 of the 14 SEC teams not playing on a Saturday.  So stuff it FSU.

For the ACC, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech square off in a Tech-battle on Labor Day.  Give it up to ESPN–they open the weekend with the SEC and close it with the ACC.  A lot of exposure for both conferences opening weekend.

Of course, there are many games on Saturday that weekend.  But it is notable that the SEC is more than willing to play on a non-Saturday to get its programs television exposure.  Instead of complaining about playing those days, teams need to just maximize the opportunity for a captive audience.


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6 thoughts on “College Football Returns in 28 Days: Get Your TV Remote Ready

  1. Quick stats on ACC games played on days other than Saturdays for the biggest teams in the conference, from 2005-2012 (current ACC era).

    FSU: 11 Games, 2 Home, 9 Road (If you go back to 2004, you can add two more road games)

    UNC: 4 Games, 1 Home, 3 Road

    Clemson: 6 Games, 1 Home, 5 Road

    GT: 9 Games, 6 Home, 3 Road

    VT: 14 Games, 9 Home, 5 Road

    NC State: 5 Games, 4 Home, 1 Road

    Miami: 10 Games, 6 Home, 4 Road

    UVA: 4 Games, 2 Home, 2 Road

    BC: 6 Games, 1 Home, 5 Road

    The problem isn’t Thursday night games, the problem is that the ACC scheduling is crap. Only FSU, VT, and GT play a non-Saturday game every year … but VT and GT get to play the large majority of those games at home, whereas FSU plays 80%+ on the road, including every single Thursday game. Rather than giving FSU less Thursday games because of class at the stadium, perhaps giving those games to Clemson or NC State, major programs that rarely ever play on Thursday, we just get to play on the road every single season.

    There’s also a significant problem between divisions. Of the four biggest teams in the Atlantic, FSU, Clemson, NC State, and BC, only NC State plays more at home than on the road (and three of their four home games were vs FSU). Combined 28 games, 8 games at home, 20 on the road. Meanwhile, the top four in the coastal, VT, GT, Miami, and either UNC or UVA, play the majority at home. 37 games, 23 home, 14 road (for UVA, swap one for UNC).

    The problem has nothing to do with Thursday games. The problem is scheduling imbalances. If FSU can’t play at home on Thursdays, the correct solution is to have them play on Thursday every other year, not on the road every single year, while Clemson, NC State, UVA, BC, UNC, etc. only play on Thursdays every two or three years. Every team should play the same number of Thursday games, every team should have the same home/road proportion.

    • The correct solution for Thursday games should be the in-conference version of a home-and-home series. If we’re going to play VT on the road on a Thursday this year, we should get them at home on a Thursday next year for our Thursday game. If we are unable to play on a Thursday, as FSU normally is due to classes, that game can be played on Saturday.

      If Clemson plays GT on the road on a Thursday, they should play that game at Clemson on a Thursday the next year.

      The Thursday games are BS because they’re just thrown out at random to exploit the best TV matchups, and vastly benefit certain teams at the expense of others.

    • Those states are unbalanced. But if FSU wants to be an elite team, it needs to just win the conference road games. Also, I’d be more sympathetic if FSU was finishing 11-1 and losing those road games. But they are dropping other winnable games each year too. And BC, Clemson, and UNC are also getting screwed.

      Seriously, FSU just needs to win games and stop making excuses.

      • How are BC, Clemson, and UNC getting screwed? They do get screwed in the road games (as I pointed out, the Thursday games cheat the Atlantic division as a whole), but FSU plays a Thurs road game every season…the others all play every other season.

        This isn’t about excuses. FSU lost a lot of games over the last few years because we just weren’t that good. I’m not worried about the past, I’m just documenting it to illustrate a problem that is continuing. I’m annoyed that the ACC as a conference specifically has a scheduling system that puts some teams at a disadvantage.

        If you think it is fair that FSU has to be the only team in the ACC to play a road game on short rest every year, please, explain. It’s not an excuse for previously lost games. It’s an issue of fairness in scheduling that has been an issue for years, and because FSU is the only school that gets beaten up by it, people dismiss it as whining. The numbers are above.

        • Also: since 2005, three Thurs road games have been won by a team other than FSU or VT. Three. By the entire conference.

          I think FSU has won that many on their own.

          Don’t pretend that home field advantage on short rest isn’t important.

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