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The Confidential’s College Football Top 25 & Bottom 4: Week 3

Each week, the Confidential will provide its ranking of the top 25 teams in College Football, as well as the Bottom 4 BCS-level teams.  Here is the Week 4 version, with analysis of the top 15 and bottom 4:

  1. Alabama (3-0): Alabama finally gets the #1 spot in this poll.  Apologies for the delay in recognizing USC’s flaws.  52-0 over Arkansas?  Next up: Florida Atlantic.
  2. Florida State (3-0): The Seminoles have beaten their three opponents by a combined 176-3.  A huge test against Clemson looms.  Next up: Clemson.
  3. LSU (3-0):  The Tigers played Oregon last year, and then Washington and Idaho this year.  Is Montana next?  Next up: @ Auburn.
  4. Oklahoma (2-0): Oklahoma had the week off.  Good for them.  Next up: Kansas State.
  5. Oregon (3-0): The Ducks haven’t really beaten anyone yet.  But it is hard to see anyone being favored to beat them in the Pac-12.  Next up: Arizona.
  6. Clemson (3-0): Clemson handled Furman as easily as they should.  See how that works Arkansas and Auburn?   Next up: @ Florida State.
  7. Georgia (3-0): The Bulldogs got to beat up on Florida Atlantic.  Mission accomplished.  Next up: Vanderbilt.
  8. West Virginia (2-0): Some guy named Jim Madison could not beat West Virginia.  The Mountaineers need to be tested.  Next up: Maryland.
  9. South Carolina (3-0): The Gamecocks dispatched with U.A.B. with little stress.  Now they get to host the Tigers.  Guess which one!!!   Next up: Missouri.
  10. Kansas State (3-0): Kansas State did OK against North Texas.  A bit of a let down after dominating Miami.  Things get real tough this week.  Next up: @ Oklahoma.
  11. Michigan (2-1): As good as Alabama has looked, and as poor as the Big 10 has looked, is Michigan the class of the conference?  We’ll find out soon.  Next up: @ Notre Dame.
  12. Notre Dame (2-1): The Fighting Irish celebrated their ACC partnership by defeating Sparty on the road.  They return this week to host Big Brother.  Next up: Michigan.
  13. Louisville (3-0): Which Louisville team should be judged–the one that jumped up 35-6 against UNC or the one that narrowly won?  No idea either.  Next up: Florida International
  14. Stanford (3-0): With another win over USC, Stanford moves up into the top 15.  No Gerhart, no Luck, no matter.  Next up: @ Washington.
  15. Florida (3-0): The Gators may or may not be “back,” but they are 2-0 in conference.  A win at Tennessee is always nice.  Next up: Kentucky.
  16. Texas (3-0). Next up: @ Oklahoma State.
  17. USC (2-1). Next up: California.
  18. Ohio State (3-0).  Next up: UAB.
  19. TCU (3-0).  Next up: Virginia.
  20. Michigan State (2-1). Next up: E. Michigan.
  21. UCLA (3-0). Next up: Oregon State.
  22. Northwestern (3-0). Next up: South Dakota.
  23. Arizona (3-0).  Next up: @ Oregon.
  24. Mississippi State (3-0).  Next up: South Alabama.
  25. Virginia Tech (2-1). Next up: Bowling Green.

* * *

121.  Kentucky (1-2).  Losing to a Sun Belt program?  SEC teams should not lose to Sun Belt programs.  What are you doing with all that TV revenue and basketball gate cash???

122. Arkansas (1-2).  Wow… 52-0 to Alabama AT HOME?  A week after dropping a game to an FCS foe?  Arkansas is in trouble right now.  Big time.

123. Kansas (1-2).  While Kansas played well against TCU, all things considered, they are still 1-2 and the teams behind them both won.

124.  Colorado (0-3).  There is only one team in all of the BCS conferences that is winless.  It’s Colorado.

So there it is.  If you do not like it… sorry.  But feel free to share your reasons why…

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2 thoughts on “The Confidential’s College Football Top 25 & Bottom 4: Week 3

  1. I’m trying to not be ACC bias and give a different perspective here. Essentially almost every team in the Top 10 has had a cakewalk schedule so far besides Alabama. I can’t really justify putting Clemson ahead of West Virginia since both teams returned their offenses and lost a lot of key defensive players. FSU also played Savannah State, which added to their crazy point total so far(even though they didn’t finish the game). I do expect LSU and Oregon to move up soon, since LSU has a fantastic defense again and Oregon has a ridiculous offense. I would take Oklahoma out of 4 though. They’ve been less impressive than UGA and other teams behind them.

    • Clemson beat Auburn without Sammy Watkins. They also beat Ball State. WVU beat Marshall and James Madison. The Orange Bowl was different rosters.

      I guess Stanford and Notre Dame have the best wins overall.

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