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ACC Football Week 4 Recap

Well, with Week 4 in the books, here is how it all went down in ACC-land:


Florida State looks to be IS for real.  The Seminoles may not have been able to hold Clemson to just a few points, but Clemson is far from Murray State.  The important thing is that Florida State did not squander the opportunity to take it to the next level.  Giving up 37 points to Clemson is tough to swallow as a good effort–but Clemson is a really good offensive team.  Too many playmakers to not be.  EJ Manuel and the Seminoles putting up 49 points is a nice sign too.  It’s all good for another week in Tallahassee after the 49-37 victory.

Clemson also established itself as the #2 team in the ACC with its very competitive performance against FSU.  Recall that Clemson did not fare well the last time it played in Florida.  The offense is for real.  The defense giving up 49 points is a concern.  But do not expect Clemson to finish 8-4 this year.  They are a legitimate threat to stay in the top 15 all year.

Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, Duke, and North Carolina all took care of their overmatched opponents.  Ask Pitt about how it feels to get upset.  Actually, let’s give Pitt some props for defeating Gardner-Webb by a comfortable margin this week as well.

Wake Forest’s 49-37 victory over Army was good in that the Demon Deacons got the needed win.  The 517 yards of offense was pretty nice too.


The Miami-Georgia Tech game was one of mixed emotions.  On the one hand, Miami’s 42-36 win in overtime means that the Hurricanes are now 2-0 in conference and 3-1 overall.  And they have yet to play a home conference game.  And that Kansas State loss looks a touch better now that KSU beat Oklahoma.  But Miami’s gain is Georgia Tech‘s loss.  The Yellow Jackets were down big, rallied nice, and then lost.  At 2-2 and 0-2 in conference play, things are looking a bit down right now.  Still, there is plenty of time to rally for a nice bowl game.

Maryland may not have won, but nobody expected the game to be close.  A 31-21 loss to the #8 Mountaineers is rather plainly a moral victory for the Terps.  Take it and run.


Virginia was a very good team last year.  This year… not so much.  While Virginia was going to be an underdog against ranked TCU, a 27-7 loss is disappointing.  The hope was that the game would be competitive.  It was not.

Syracuse looked overmatched and ineffective against Minnesota, losing 17-10.  While Syracuse’s opponents are a combined 14-2, it would have been nice for the Orange to be 2-2 hitting its bye week.  It is not.

On to Week #4…

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3 thoughts on “ACC Football Week 4 Recap

  1. I thought teams like Maryland are Virginia were more impressive than most of the teams that actually won. Besides Miami and FSU, every other winning ACC team played a pretty easy opponent. Most of them looked solid, but nothing really impressive. Maryland kept it much closer and actually looked good at times against West Virginia. Virginia had everything going against them in this one, but still managed to keep the score decent compared to last week. The GT-Miami game was very exciting though.

    • I dunno… is 27-7 that decent?

      I expected Virginia to build off last year. This year is a bit of a step back. But for PSU’s kicking issues, they could be sitting down there with BC and Syracuse.

  2. Virginia wasn’t really all that good last year – they simply had one of the easiest schedules. Not sure how they beat Ga Tech, Miami, or especially FSU last year, but their wins over Wm & Mary, Indiana, Idaho, Maryland and Duke are very easy to explain… you see how they melted when against Va Tech and Auburn? That was the true Cavaliers football team, IMO. (I know, you’ll say this is because I’m a Hokies fan, but I really think the numbers support my claim that UVa was overrated last year)

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