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ACC Pares Back Football Schedule

In a move that is sure to placate the football schools within the conference, the ACC has announced that it will be shifting back to an 8-game conference schedule.  The addition of Notre Dame to the football schedule in 2015 was at least part of the impetus for the change. This will allow the football-centric schools, particularly Florida State, Georgia Tech, and Clemson, to continue to play their SEC rivals and have some additional scheduling flexibility.

The basketball slate will remain 18 games per season, although teams will now have two “primary” opponents that they play each season.  The ACC announced these pairings:

Boston College – Notre Dame and Syracuse
Clemson – Florida State and Georgia Tech
Duke – North Carolina and Wake Forest
Florida State – Clemson and Miami
Georgia Tech – Clemson and Notre Dame
Maryland – Pitt and Virginia
Miami – Florida State and Virginia Tech
North Carolina – Duke and NC State
NC State – North Carolina and Wake Forest
Notre Dame – Boston College and Georgia Tech
Pitt – Maryland and Syracuse
Syracuse – Boston College and Pitt
Virginia – Maryland and Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech – Miami and Virginia
Wake Forest – Duke and NC State

It is really hard to quibble with these pairings.  Certainly Pitt would prefer to play Notre Dame, but most teams probably would.  Given that Syracuse will probably have to have its football games against the Fighting Irish be played in New York City, the conference was nice to give the Orange a pair of games.

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