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Big 10 Expansion Petition

Until something more concrete is conceived, please consider signing and sharing this petition against Big 10 expansion:

Whether you are a Big 10 fan that hates the addition of mediocre athletic institutions like Rutgers/Maryland and are otherwise sick of money driving things… or whether you are a fan of an ACC school who hates the idea of joining a midwestern conference… something needs to be done to give the fans power back.  We are the ones that make college athletics interesting, appeal to advertisers, etc.  If we stop caring, the money WILL GO DOWN.  Please stop giving us reasons to care less…

UPDATE: Even Frank the Tank is beginning to wonder about fire behind the rumored smoke.     Do not complain if something goes down and you did not share your voice before it happened.  The University presidents are too elitist to care, but maybe trustees will hear the message and wonder whether short-term $$$ is worth the long-term move to ambivalence by the fan bases.


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18 thoughts on “Big 10 Expansion Petition

  1. Your comment of “give the fans the power back” is laughable. You really think the fans should be making billion dollar decisions for these universities? That really is your position? This is so thoroughly preposterous I’m at a loss to comment any further.

    • Yes, when the billions come from the fans. Boxing used to be a major sport in the USA. Is it now? What happened? The people running it stopped appealing to fans. We did not like PPV, end of story. Some folks got rich, but the product died.

      If enough of us stop caring about the sports, what happens to those “billions” you pretend exist? We are talking single-digit millions decisions.

      If the Big 10 wants to have ACC Universities in its research consortium–fine, invite them. There is no law in this universe that requires athletic institutions and academic research consortia to go hand-in-hand… that is simply how the Big 10 has chosen to set things up. So the billions is simply wrong. It is millions.

      Moreover, those billions include a lot of taxpayer money. The Big 10 likes its federal government pork…

  2. This should be fun. I personally am not in favor of keeping the ACC intact. I don’t see it happening, short of full Notre Dame membership, and that isn’t going to happen quickly enough to save the sinking ship.

    • If FSU would sign a GOR, the ship wouldn’t be sinking, right? Always great to poke a hole in the boat and then lament that you now need to abandon it.

      I forgot… FSU fans cannot accept that it is incompetence, rather than money, that caused FSU to be mediocre at football for the last decade…

  3. Lobills- You really think that the fan’s opinion doesn’t matter? That’s an extremely ignorant position to take. It’s the fans that support the program and go to games, buy the merchandise, etc. If UNC joined the Big Ten then support would absolutely drop out. No one down here cares about the Big Ten, or its schools. Any move by an ACC school would be extremely short-sighted.

    Chopem- Why not keep the ACC intact? As as I alluded to before, it’s not the ACC that’s keeping Florida State’s football program from reaching the national championship. It’s sub-par coaching and losing to teams that they shouldn’t lose to. Join the Big Ten, or any other conference, and this won’t change with Jimbo in charge

    • FSU fans do not get it. Don’t bother. They are fine with the program spending 30% of its revenue on womens basketball and then crying about lack of funds when it comes to the football team not being able to beat Wake Forest.

    • Yes, FSU reached mediocrity from 2006-2011. A living legend, the winningest coach in college football history who brought two NCAA championships to the ACC, reached the end. He hired his son as OC, he hired friends around him, and his defensive coordinator lost interest in the game after he found his son dead on his doorstep. Couple the uncertainty of the program during that time with Urban Meyer and his reign at UF and those were certainly down-trodden years. However, may I remind you that FSU has the longest streak of consecutive bowl games in the country at 31. So, sure, they dipped when compared to their 1987-2001 run, but they never had a losing record and never missed a bowl game.

      I get the anger and resentment directed at FSU fans and FSU in general. I do. While you criticize their shortcomings against Wake Forest, you also know that the ACC needs FSU to stick together. That Wake Forest game, by the way, and regardless of what you’re willing to believe, was played without FSU’s starting left tackle and quarterback. FSU also lost its starting running back in that game to broken vertebra. Those are excuses for the loss, sure, but I wouldn’t exactly pin that on mediocrity.

      I’m all in favor of keeping the ACC intact but through the narrow lense of NCAA Football, which is paying the bills, the ACC is not making things easier for FSU. We saw it first hand this off-season when FSU lost assistants to other programs. FSU probably doesn’t lose a few of those guys if FSU was in a better financial position. So, instead of getting who we truly wanted, we sometimes wind up with option B. Look at FSU geographically–surrounded by UGA, Alabama, Auburn, UF. Programs with more money. FSU is feeling every bit of the squeeze to compete with these schools because they recruit the same players. FSU is holding on as best it can, but we’ve lost a number of recruits because the SEC is seen as a conference that is stable and profitable. Neither of the two can be said about the ACC. FSU boosters and alumni are coming from the perspective that they should be competing at a top 5-10 level annually, with a shot at a NC every few years, much like the schools in their neighborhood. However, the revenue margin between those schools and FSU is widening by the year–the pressure is on to bridge the gap and FSU will choose whatever conference best accomplishes that.

      However, FSU won’t be the first team to leave the ACC during this next wave of realignment, so you may want to reserve that anger for the teams that leave first. There is absolutely no reason why the ACC can’t compete long-term, but the near-term and long-term outlooks both look grim.

      • And to amend and clarify my comment slightly… Yes, it’s not exactly the ACC that’s holding back FSU; it’s the lack of added revenue it has to hire coaches. The succession of “Option B’s” has FSU coaching with less than top-flight coaches. I credit Jimbo with getting the best he can get on a budget, but we didn’t get who we wanted/needed because we weren’t able to cut those checks. We don’t have the money to get a top notch OC–we have just enough to groom a promising understudy. More money means Jimbo can hire the OC he wants and thus, Jimbo can become focus solely on HC duties.

        • The ACC’s deal currently has more revenue than the SEC. Regardless, it’s not lack of revenue, it’s lack of ability to put the revenue into football because of stupid decisions regarding Womens Basketball. If your AD wants to spend $4M on coaches for that non-revenue sport, don’t cry poor about the assistants. Moreover, all good programs lose position coaches to coordinators, and coordinators to head coaches…. its a reality, not exclusive to FSU. Money is just an excuse.

          There is a chasm between Ball State and Penn State. But the differences between Florida State and Florida are overblown rationalizations by FSU fans. You lost games that you should not lose. Period.

      • If FSU will not sign a GOR, they are just being wimps and waiting for someone else to leave the ACC first. If they want more money, go to the Big XII. Have fun competing with Texas, who makes $100M per year OUTSIDE of its TV revenue deal. Have fun competing against Oklahoma, who has been a King for decades, not just with one head coach (Bowden). Or go to the Big 10, where Michigan and Ohio State each take in mega-bucks without regard to TV.

        • If FSU cannot beat Wake Forest and NC State, how is it going to compete when playing AT Wisconsin, Michigan State, Texas Tech, or West Virginia–decidedly more rabid fan bases. What will the excuse be then??

        • I don’t see any other schools going undefeated in the ACC, so it’s not as if there’s a benchmark upon which to compare FSU’s past performance. I agree there are many games they should have won based on talent alone, but that circles back to the argument I was trying to make… FSU made a decision to hire recruiters, not coaches, because they couldn’t afford to do both. They just simply don’t have the money to do the things they want to do. I don’t know what the excuse for losing those games will be, but at a minimum, they’ll have the money to compete. That’s fine if the ACC collects more revenue–on a per school basis, however, FSU makes less than its nearest competitors and FSU is just minding the gap.

  4. I think the best step is to reach out to your school’s leadership. One e-mail doesn’t mean a thing clearly, but a whole slew of e-mails that articulate an array of positions carries at least a little weight.

    • Sure, and none us are under any illusion (or delusion) that a petition with 10 or 100 names is going to change anything either. But it’s a start…

  5. Hey acc, thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s conference. All was fine when you poached the BE multiple times. Now absolute panic. What goes around comes around.

    • Vinnie Saltine on said:

      “What goes around comes around.”

      So we can expect the top teams from the Pac12, SEC, BigXII, and B1G to all be raided next?

    • #1 The Big East would not have been poached by the ACC again, if the Big 10 had not indicated that they were looking to expand a few years ago. And then spent months and months creating uncertainty in the college landscape, before settling on Nebraska. This destabilizing force caused everyone to re-examine their situation, question their colleagues, think selfishly, ponder revenue to the exclusion of all things, etc.

      #2 The Big 10 is already one of the best conferences. There is no threat. There is no regional power to compete with. In contrast, the ACC markets overlap the SEC markets, forcing a competition that requires action. If/when the ACC expands, it is to keep up with the SEC to the extent possible–not simply destroy the college sports landscape.

      #3 College sports was supposed to be about athletics, not maximizing revenue streams. The ACC originally took football powers Miami and Virginia Tech. Boston College was the choice to be team #12–a move that seems like a money grab UNTIL you count the number of times that BC has made it to the ACC football championship. Also, before joining the ACC, Boston College was a more stable program historically than Pitt or Rutgers. Perhaps the ACC would have preferred Syracuse, but Boston College was the next logical choice. The ACC more recently took Syracuse and Pitt–both brand names in football and outstanding basketball programs. Syracuse also added a lacrosse pedigree. In contrast, the Big 10 is looking at only one thing—money. Rutgers sucks at everything other than womens basketball and making it to middling football bowls (and only recently). Maryland has had basketball success, but is largely irrelevant to the football scene. They do not even have the history of football that Pitt and Syracuse have.

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