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Greg Paulus was good for Syracuse football. End of story.

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Can you believe that there is actually a debate about Greg Paulus and the Syracuse 2009 football team? Not even going to give it any credibility with a link.

We know this for sure:

1. Syracuse had 10 wins in the prior 4 seasons under G-Rob. The best season was 4 wins. In the seven seasons before Doug Marrone, the team averaged less than 4 wins per season. Greg Paulus won 4 games. Improvement.

2. The football culture at Syracuse was damaged. Paulus came from the Duke basketball culture. These two programs were at opposite ends of the spectrum. Having Paulus around helped change the culture at Syracuse.

3. From a sheer QB position analysis alone, Paulus was far from horrible. He had some unfortunate turnovers–but it is what it is. More importantly, it allowed Ryan Nassib to play without pressure for a season and start his sophomore season with…

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