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The Scott Shafer Narrative–Questioned!

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When the sea was calm, all ships alike showed mastership in floating

The Tragedy of Coriolanus, William Shakespeare

A common refrain among Syracuse fans right now is that “Scott Shafer is a good man, but I am not sure about his football coaching ability.”  But, as Shakespeare observed above, the true character of a person is revealed when times are, well, not so good.  In football, that means losing.  And, in losing, we are seeing a darker side of Scott Shafer that calls into question whether he truly is a good man (or at least whether losing is impacting his off-field conduct).

Let’s just take a look at some of these incidents:

  • October 2013: “F&$k you Dabo! You motherf&*ker!”  That is because Clemson’s Dabo Swinney  went for it on 4th down, despite being up 35-7.  Not in the fourth quarter, but before halftime.  Nevermind that the Syracuse defense…

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