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Syracuse joins the ACC in a few months.  Nevertheless, it has been one scandal after another since Syracuse and Pitt announced that they were joining the ACC.  Might as well just call the Orange ScandalCuse at this point.

First, the current scandal.  Giving credit to a fellow blogger, instead of the hit-driven, quasi-media type that broke the “story,” Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician” had this to say:

Syracuse University basketball has been under NCAA investigation for a period of “years,” a source with knowledge of the case told

That source said the school has received a letter of preliminary inquiry from the NCAA.

The specific nature of the alleged violations was not disclosed by the source but the transgressions were described as both major and wide-ranging in nature. The investigation also encompasses football but is believed to primarily involve basketball. Syracuse has been penalized only once by the NCAA in a major case according to the association’s legislative database. That was in 1992 in a case that focused on extra benefits in the basketball program.

Later blog entries on the site revealed a calmer analysis.  And Jim Boeheim went the calm route, as well, eschewing the opportunity to spew venom.  In any event, it is yet another negative news story regarding Syracuse.

Second, just look at the recent timeline of negative news stories here:

  • September 19, 2011: Syracuse and Pitt announce that they are leaving the Big East for the ACC.
  • November 17, 2012: The Bernie Fine scandal breaks.
  • January 21, 2012: Fab Melo suspended for unknown reasons.
  • March 13, 2012: Fab Melo suspended again, misses NCAA Tournament
  • January 15, 2013: James Southerland suspended
  • March 20, 2013: Today’s news.

Really, it is understandable if Syracuse fans feel a bit reluctant to reach for a newspaper link to a news story.  Lately, despite having uber-competitive teams and the Bernie Fine scandal being seriously overblown, the news has been mostly negative.  Especially in March, which also includes the March 15, 2010, injury to Arinze Onuaku.  Other schools have had similar injuries, suspensions, scandals, and bad news… but all of it in a three-year span?

So, yeah, let’s just call it ScandalCuse from now on.  And give a Syracuse fan a hug.  It is needed.


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2 thoughts on “Scandal-Cuse

  1. Vinnie Saltine on said:

    The Southerland suspension was directly related to the NCAA’s witch hunt into the basketball program searching for any improper activity. Remember it wasn’t the Professor that accused Southerland of cheating, it was the NCAA investigators who examined the work after-the-fact. The Judicial hearing cleared Southerland of any wrong really it was the NCAA making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    The Fine investigation could have the been the catalyst for digging in deeper to Fab Melo’s academics leading to his suspensions…although the restraining order and harassment charges from his girlfriend didn’t help.

    Actually, the Syracuse players are not exactly squeaky clean…

    Scoop Jardine, although a fan favorite, was involved with his legal issues from stealing a dining card to the alleged sexual assault with Jonny Flynn and Rick Jackson.

    Eric Devendorf had his infamous “open hand punch” against a female student.

    Then there’s football: Delone Carter “one-punched” a kid after the Villanova basketball game, Malcolm Carter was caught stealing televisions, and “RIchie Dene” drunkenly assaulted a police officer. Also there was the recent case of Pierce-Brewster and Davon Walls who were arrested for stealing from other students…

    Also, didn’t a lacrosse player total a car that was loaned to him by a coach?

    Yeah, it’s been a rough 3+ years…sadly, it could very easily end up in a “lack of institutional control”.

  2. Over the years the Syracuse football program has always been clean regarding scandal type news. Dick MacPherson and Paul Pasqualoni ran a tight ship, Greg Robinson ran a loose ship but he didn’t cheat, and Doug Marrone ran a tight ship. Basketball has always seemed to be a little looser with the rules. I’m not sure I agree with the “Scandal” part – more snake-bitten when you throw in the AO injury.

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