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College Football Playoff

The elite of college football will begin meeting soon to decide many important things, such as the name to give the soon-to-be here college football playoff.  ESPN sources are already revealing the name of this college football playoff.  The college football playoff will be called the College Football Playoff.


Hopefully, the NCAA did not waste a lot of money to determine that the best way to name the college football playoff would be to simply use capital letters.  Of course, this is the same organization that has the following logos for teams:

Yes… capital letters mean a lot to the NCAA.

There is plenty more on the agenda though:

  • “Other items on the agenda this week include the naming of the first national title game site as well as the six bowls that will make up the semifinal rotation for the next 12 years.”  No word on whether “First National Title Game Site” will be the name for this first site.  We’ll see.
  • “Sources told ESPN the Fiesta, Cotton and Chick-fil-A bowls will join the Rose, Sugar and Orange bowls in the six-bowl semifinal rotation for college football’s new playoff.”
  • Arlington, Texas, specifically Cowboys Stadium, will be awarded the first national championship game on Jan. 12, 2015.
      Very interesting discussions will be held on determining who makes up the committee to determine which four teams make the playoffs.   If you think selection Sunday is a big deal, when 95% of the teams are beyond dispute, just imagine the furor that will be caused in determining which 4 of several possible candidates will make the playoffs.  There will be 1-loss teams excluded.  Yikes.  Witness protection program might be in order.

Speaking of the witness protection program… here is an amusing clip to finish the article, a favorite of the Confidential:

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3 thoughts on “College Football Playoff

  1. Why not “The Gridiron Four”? Anything would be more interesting, sometimes simple isn’t always better.

  2. M. Caffrey on said:

    Let’s just call it what it will really be: SEC vs. B1G vs. B1G/SEC vs. Other

  3. I like “Football Four”. Simple, but pays homage to the original tournament that got it right. Also rolls off the tongue with the same alliteration as “Final Four” and “Frozen Four”.

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