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Drew Allen or Terrell Hunt?

Today’s Syracuse-Penn State game is a huge transition game for the Syracuse program. Moving from Doug Marrone to Scott Shafer will hopefully signal moving forward and not backward. Since the game is being played in North Jersey it could have a major impact on both schools getting back into a key recruiting area. Penn State always had this area before Greg Schiano and Syracuse thrived in this area during the Paul Pasqualoni era. With Don Bosco Prep, Paramus Catholic, St Peter’s Prep, Bergen Catholic, and St Joseph Regional, just to name a few, all being within a 30 minute drive of MetLife Stadium a Syracuse win could help their recruiting profile in an area loaded with Division 1 players and just 4 hours from their campus. I think most assume Drew Allen will be named the starter just before game time. Syraucse fans should just hope the coach picks the guy who gives the team the best chance to win the game today. While I admit having an Oklahoma transfer QB gives the national media a reason to talk about the program, just getting the win with whoever is actually better will carry more clout in the long run. This is technically a Syracuse home game, but its going to be hard to out number the Penn State contingent in this area.

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One thought on “Drew Allen or Terrell Hunt?

  1. dacuseman on said:

    Can we PLEASE get over this Ok. transfer bs now?!? Listen to this: he’s been on cumpus about a month, a 5th yr Sr, hasn’t started a game since HS, ability to play greatly overhyped, NO pocket awareness, and sprays the ball all over the field. I am not just talking about Drew Allen. I am also talking about Greg Palus, who was pattently unworth the experiment. All he did was steal a year’s worth of development from Ryan Nassib. Allen is now doing the same to Terrel Hunt. Bad move by Marrone and now Shafer.

    Starting a transfer 5th yr Sr is dumb unless he is a drop-dead NFL prospect because he’s spent after the season ends. He’s got no longevity at all. You’re better off playing a qb who can devlope, improve and elevate your program.

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