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The Confidential ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 7

We are well into October now… and the Confidential correspondents are starting to submit polls that look a lot more similar.  So how do the ACC teams stack up?  Well, here is the Confidential Correspondents Football top 10 Poll for Week 7.  Remember, we include Notre Dame and Louisville.  This year, we’ll start with team number 10 and work our way to #1.

9 (tie). Georgia Tech (3-3), 11 points. The Yellow Jackets have now lost three straight games.  But they get to return home this week to host Syracuse, who is also 3-3.  This will be a great matchup between Syracuse’s linebackers and Georgia Tech’s great running game.  Cannot afford another loss here.  Next up: Syracuse.

9 (tie). Boston College (3-3), 11 points.  There are several 3-3 teams in the ACC, but only the Eagles have had to endure games against both Florida State and Clemson.  The way that they have played those two schools, it is difficult to envision anyone looking past Boston College.  Quite the contrary, B.C. could be favored in most of their remaining games.  Next up: @ North Carolina.

8. Pittsburgh (3-2), 15 points.  The Panthers have lost to Virginia Tech and Florida State.  The Panthers have beaten Duke and Virginia (and New Mexico).  With FCS Old Dominion up next, look for Pitt to easily get to its 4th win.  And with only one ranked opponent remaining on the schedule (Miami), Pitt should have no trouble getting to bowl eligibility.  Next up: Old Dominion.

7. Maryland (5-1), 25 points.  The Terps got back to their winning ways, by narrowly defeating Virginia to get to 5-1.  They host Syracuse and Boston College, and travel to North Carolina State and Wake Forest.  It seems quite likely that Maryland can find that 6th win and get to bowl eligibility.  And then son.  Next up: @ Wake Forest.

6. Notre Dame (4-2), 34 points.  No games.  No change in points.  Up next, the rivalry game against USC.  It will be interesting to see what the new coaching for the Trojans will mean for this game.  Will USC be fired up or will the team be in disarray?  Next up: USC on October 19.

5. Louisville (6-0), 42 points.  The Cardinals beat Rutgers 24-10 to get to 6-0.  Rutgers is a good team.  But, still, the consensus is that the Cardinals needed a lot more in style points to impress the voters.  Even the Confidential correspondents were underwhelmed, dropping Louisville to 5th overall.  All voters will need to see more gaudy offensive numbers and victory margins to reverse that trend.  Next up: UCF on October 18.

4. Virginia Tech (6-1), 47 points.  The Hokies are not winning with style points either, however, they are 6-1 and bowl eligible.  They cannot look past Boston College, who is the foe the week before the big Miami game.  In the meantime, the Hokies cannot look past Duke, who is next up on the schedule.  Next up: Duke on October 26th.

3. Miami (5-0), 55 points.  Six of the seven correspondents have Miami as the #3 team in the ACC.  And the Hurricanes still have to play North Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, and Virginia.  Miami getting to 9 wins seems quite possible.  Whether Miami is “back” will depend on whether Miami can avoid the upset in those games and perform well against Virginia Tech, Florida State, and Pitt.   Next up: @ North Carolina on October 17.

2. Florida State (5-0), 63 points/3 first place votes. The Seminoles had a week off to prepare for this week’s big matchup against Clemson.  You cannot say that the ACC schedule makers were out to get Florida State this year!  Saturday’s game promises to be a classic, as two top 5 Heisman Trophy candidates (Boyd and Winston) will go head to head.  One team leaves unblemished.  Next up: @ Clemson.

1. Clemson (6-0), 66 points/4 first place votes.  Clemson looked to be “Clemsoning” for a large portion of the Boston College game, before rising to the occasion to salvage a victory.  If this is going to be a special year for Clemson, they will have to play much better than they did against Boston College and North Carolina State.  Cannot wait for this game to kickoff!   Next up: Florida State.

Others receiving votes: Duke, Syracuse 5.  No other teams received votes.

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