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UPDATE: Louisville to ACC in 2014 not a “done deal”?

Talk around Louisville this week has centered around University of Louisville President Dr. James Ramsey comments from a radio show recently. He was answering questions regarding the Cardinals move to the ACC. His response led to talk radio and message board panic.

Ramsey explained that in order for the Cards to make the move that certain things would have to fall in place. The big one being Maryland departure. With the ACC and Maryland still fighting it out in court over the exit fee there isn’t a definite timeline established yet.

Ramsey went on to explaine that the timeline for Louisville move in 2014 isn’t a “done deal“. Does this mean that Louisville could be stuck in the American for another year? Could Maryland change their mind and stay in the ACC? If so, what are the chances of Louisville going to the Big 12? Many fans were left asking these questions.

Kentucky fans tried to fuel the fire and taunted that the Cards would be stuck in the American forever. While the timeline may not be a “done deal” the Cards move to the ACC is a done deal. Sorry to ruin your fun big blue nation. Maryland and the ACC have a few more months to settle their defferences and Louisville will be ready to move when they do. The Cards will be in the ACC in 2014. If not then in 2015.

Update; the University of Louisville has reached a buyout agreement with the American Conference. They did this without any law suits. Louisville has agreed to pay $11 million in which they have already paid between $5 and $6 million.

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12 thoughts on “UPDATE: Louisville to ACC in 2014 not a “done deal”?

  1. Maryland is on the Big Ten schedule for 2014, and Louisville is on the ACC’s. No way the Terps stay and no way the Cards don’t come.

  2. Bostonway on said:

    What’s concerning about this is…either UL’s President is correct that UL’s move to the ACC is NOT a done deal -OR- he is wrong, and he doesn’t understand UL’s ACC status. Strange! However, I suspect it’s somewhere in-between. Specifically, the ACC will fully accept UL as a member on the contingency that Maryland does resign and leaves for the B10. The ACC was right to do this.

    • The way I read it and understand it, the timeline isnt set as a done deal but the move is a done deal. Maryland will leave, sooner or later. My question is, can Maryland leave without reaching a settlement with the ACC?

      • Bostonway on said:

        I agree, the real issue is not if, but when UL moves to the ACC. However, I do wonder… Could UMD back out of the B10 offer (without major repercussions)? Could and would the ACC take them back? Again, I’m not saying this in anyway would happen. I’m just curious on how ‘locked-in’ these conferernce offers and acceptances are?

        • Maryland would have to buy their way out of the B1G to stay in the ACC which I believe they have a GoR. Has Maryland signed the B1G GoR or would the B1G let them out of it like the Big East did with TCU? It seems the B1G would stand to lose a substancial amount from the TV dollars that led them to invite them in the first place.

        • Bostonway on said:

          Can and did the B10 (or any conference) require UMD to sign a GOR at the time of conference offer acceptance? Before they are conference members? IF SO, then backing-out is not an option for UMD or the ACC to take UMD back. Both lose (UMD and the ACC) if the B10 is given UMD’s TV rights (ie. money). IF NOT, then what would be the penalty for backing out? Who sets it?

        • All good questions, I dont know. I do know that Louisville has signed the ACC GoR.

  3. jae1837 on said:

    For What Its Worth:

    1) B1G wouldn’t invite UMd without UMd signing the B1G GoR so no worries there.

    2) U of L already signed a GoR with the ACC. Again, no worries there as well.

    So everyone is locked into their new conferences. The only sticking point is the money. $$$$ Specifically, between UMd and the ACC. Eventually someone will win and someone will lose. But, IMHO, it will not impact anyone’s schedule.

    So what if Maryland begins B1G play? That just means that there is money for them to payoff the ACC. U of L begins ACC play. So what. All that means is that the ACC found UMd replacement and live moved on. Doesn’t really change the relevant arguments among the parties. Not a legal expert so if I am incorrect in my assessment of the situation, I’m more than happy to hear, err read it. Go Hokies!

  4. neomodernism on said:

    UMD stays, take both UL and Cincinnati and go to 16?

  5. The Cards have just announced that they have reached a buyout agreement with the American. To me this is proof that they are very confident that they will be in the ACC next season.