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The Confidential’s ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 11

There are now a clear #1 and #2 in the ACC right now, as all five voting correspondents this week went with FSU and Clemson.  But what about the other slots?  Amazingly, Syracuse won on the road, but was dropped from its tie–as the Pitt win over ND propelled them up the voting charts.  Anyway, here is the Confidential Correspondents Football top 10 Poll for Week 11.  Remember, we include Notre Dame and Louisville.  This year, we’ll start with team number 10 and work our way to #1.

10. Pittsburgh (5-4), 9 points.  A win over Notre Dame puts Pitt in a position to get to bowl-eligibility this week.  But they will play a somewhat desperate North Carolina team, which needs to win this week to avoid having to beat Duke in the finale (this assumes a win over Old Dominion, of course).  Next up: North Carolina.

9. Boston College (5-4), 12 points.  Boston College has had a great year.  5-4, with games against NC State, Maryland, and Syracuse remaining.  They played FSU and Clemson as well as anyone.  Only the North Carolina loss sticks out as a head scratcher.  Next up: North Carolina State.

8.  Notre Dame (7-3), 13 points.  7-3 is a fine season.  With BYU and Stanford on the slate, 8-4 seems reasonable and likely.  For Notre Dame, this is not a great season.  But not a horrible season either.  Next up: BYU on November 23.

7.  Miami (7-2), 25 points.  Losing to Florida State on the road was expected.  Losing at home to a reeling Virginia Tech was not expected.  So now the questions about Miami resurface.  With Duke, Virginia, and Pitt on the schedule, 10 wins is possible.  Likely?  Not quite.  Next up: @ Duke.

6. Virginia Tech (7-3), 26 points.  The Hokies were in trouble.  The offense was sputtering.  Then they put up 42 points on a decent Miami defense.  And now things are looking a bit better.  After being embarrassed by Syracuse, the Terps should be ready for the game this weekend.  Next up: @ Maryland.

5. Duke (7-2), 27 points.  Duke is going bowling for the second straight year.  However, last year they backed into a bowl.  This year, they have momentum.  With Miami coming to town, Duke has a chance to make a real statement.  Next up: Miami.

4. Georgia Tech (6-3), 30 points.  At 6-3, the Yellow Jackets did not play… but rose from #7 to #4.  Wow.  They should not play more often!  Next up: @ Clemson, Thursday November 14th.

3. Louisville (8-1), 36 points.  The Cardinals beat up on UConn.  But not in the great team dispatching a terrible team way.  Instead, it was in the Louisville unimpressively beating a team way.  21 margin against winless UConn.  FCS Towson beat them by 15.  Next up: Houston.

2. Clemson (8-1), 45 points.  Everyone voted Clemson in at #2.  The Miami loss made it easy.  And nobody is buying anyone else.  Next up: Georgia Tech, Thursday November 15th.

1. Florida State (9-0), 50 points/5 first place votes.  Florida State’s line against Syracuse is 38.5.  And Syracuse fans are not sure to take the points.  And Syracuse has given up 3 points in two weeks.  Does that give you an idea as to how good the Seminoles are?  Actually, no.  We all want to see them play Alabama.  Next up: Syracuse.

Others receiving votes: Syracuse 2.

What do YOU think????

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2 thoughts on “The Confidential’s ACC Football Top 10 Poll: Week 11

  1. The Noles will need Florida to be better & a solid opponent in the CCG to hold off any possible challengers to their #2 BCS spot. Miamis loss to VT hurt them a bit. Clemson winning out will help them to.

  2. tjcuseacc on said:

    Tough leaving out the Orange this week but will have a chance the last two weeks to climb back in with BC and Pitt – after FSU this week.

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