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Syracuse, a Unanimous #1, Holds Off Notre Dame (with Poll!)

Congratulations to the Syracuse Orange for being the first school since 2010-2011 (conference-mate Duke) to be a unanimous #1.  Equally impressive is rebounding from an emotional and hard-fought win over Duke to beat a desperate Notre Dame team last night to improve to 22-0.  Trevor Conney led the way with 33 points for the Orange.   Every game, someone else steps up for Syracuse.

It was the only action in the ACC last night.

Looking forward, there are possible bumps in the road for Syracuse:

  • February 25 @ Pittsburgh
  • February 22 @ Duke
  • February 24 @ Maryland
  • March 1 @ Virginia
  • March 9 @ Florida State

Actually, Syracuse’s schedule is heavily weighted towards road games at the end… four of the final five.

What do you think?  Will Syracuse lose again during the regular season?  If so, when?





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5 thoughts on “Syracuse, a Unanimous #1, Holds Off Notre Dame (with Poll!)

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  2. And UVA is quietly going through the ACC, having lost only to Duke by 4, beating Pitt by 3 at the buzzer, ND by 15, UNC by 15 and swept FSU by12 both places. Please continue to overlook them.

    • Who is overlooking Virginia?

      They lost by 35 to Tennessee. That caused a lot of people to downgrade. But now they are ranked and #2 in the conference. Nobody is overlooking them.

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