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Week 1 Game Thread

If you want to talk about this week’s games… here is the place to be.  Let us know your comments and questions regarding this week’s slate of games.  See here for that slate.  Good luck to all ACC teams…


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5 thoughts on “Week 1 Game Thread

  1. How could 7 “smart” people from WF pick them in a Survivor Poll? Really?

    • Ouch! But I don’t think that there are any actual Wake Forest fans… so it was mostly people thinking “if not this week for WF, when?” Nevertheless, WF is a team slated to be in the cellar of the ACC, opening on the road against a team in a hostile location (Louisiana). I stayed away.

    • In fairness, it was 5 unfortunate people that didn’t get their picks in time (so they were automatically given WtF).

      Then there was me…I went with what should have been a winnable game for WtF. However I clearly forgot that they were terrible at football.

      Also, I liked last year’s original rules better (could only pick a team once, double-elimination).

  2. Elsewhere…Temple knocks off Vandy, on the road, by 30. The Commodores are really missing Franklin, and gives even more promise to Penn State’s future. With Rutgers’ big win over Wazzu last night, the game on Sept. 13th just got a whole lot more interesting… Especially as there were a few bloggers that were calling Rutgers “irrelevant”.

  3. Wow…B1G win for PSU in Dublin. Great finish for the Nittany Lions; can’t help but feel that the B1G is going to be wide open this year.

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