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ACC Roundtable of the Confidential Correspondents: Week 7/8, Part II

Welcome to the ACC Roundtable of the ACC Correspondents!  As is and will be the plan for the remainder of the football season, the Confidential correspondents will discuss the Week that was (week 7) and the Week that will be (Week 8) for the ACC and their respective schools.  Special thanks to the Confidential contributors–Len (Louisville), David (Florida State), John (UNC), Matt (Syracuse), Mike (NC State), Brian (FSU), and Anthony (Syracuse/ACC)–for their comments and opinions.  Here is Part II, Part I was yesterday.  Tell us what you think below.


David (FSU): Besides the FSU v ND game, very excited to see how Virginia v Duke goes. Both teams are having excellent years, and are battling for the top spot in the Coastal.

Len (Louisville): FSU beating ND & seeing if Duke can take control of their division when they play Virginia.

John (UNC): I think Florida State will lose this week. Why? Because even though the NCAA doesn’t seem to really care that Jameis Winston sold his autograph, his past actions say that he probably did, and the circus will finally catch up to the team on the field. Backup Sean Macguire struggled mightily against Clemson, and will be facing an even more imposing defense in the Fighting Irish. The Seminoles are already bowl eligible, and this loss won’t derail their season, but I think their playoff hopes will end at home Saturday night.

Matt (Syracuse): The obvious answer is Florida State/Notre Dame, in a battle for what I predict will be a prelude to January…provided that the loser of this game suffers its only loss this week, and barring some shenanigans with FSU’s disciplinary hearing/Winston’s status moving forward, I fully expect to see both teams in the playoffs. FSU should win the ACC and even at 12-1 will have wins over Oklahoma, Clemson, and L’Ville. Notre Dame is ratings gold and at 11-1 would have wins over Stanford, FSU, ASU, and USC…that would make a great Rose Bowl substitute for a Pac12 or B1G team.

Mike (NC State): Everything pales before the Saturday night showdown, Notre Dame at Florida State.  This is the game the nation will be watching, and it should be a dandy.  Somebody’s playoff hopes will take a big blow after this one.  But whose?

Brian (FSU): I am looking forward, in the ACC as a whole, to see if UVA can take a huge step in controlling its destiny in the Atlantic.  UVA at Duke may be the most important game out of the Coastal this year… yeah I know if I made that statement 5 or more years ago I might get some crazy looks.

Anthony (Syr/ACC): Obviously it is Florida State and Notre Dame.  Both teams are on a course for a playoff appearance and national championship.  Although it might not fully end the playoff push, neither team can afford a loss.  But someone is going to lose.  An elimination game?


David (FSU): 1. FSU 2. MSU, 3. Baylor 4. Oregon

Len (Louisville): This is starting to get difficult as national parity is starting to show itself. The SEC may have more depth but no one is dominating & everyone is beatable. My picks for today are 1) Miss State, 2) FSU, Baylor 4) ND. Either FSU or ND will be out next week so this will be interesting going down the stretch of the season. Cant wait to see the committee’s first list of rankings.

John (UNC): Even though I hope it’s not the case, I’m keeping Notre Dame in the playoff. With a win this week, they’ll be able to cruise through the rest of their schedule, despite upcoming matchups against #17 Arizona State and #22 USC. That will probably table any talks of the Fighting Irish joining the ACC for football (for now), and keep the status quo going, despite all of the sweeping structural changes this year. As for the other teams, I’m taking Mississippi State (future winners over Ole Miss), Baylor (future Big 12 winners) and Michigan State (future Big 10 winners). Much like the majority of the history of the BCS, the ACC will be left out.

Matt (Syracuse): Florida State, Notre Dame, Baylor, Mississippi St.  [Editor’s note: This is the same as last week… so Matt chose well last week.]

Mike (NC State): 1) Mississippi State 2) Florida State 3) Notre Dame (could get in even with a loss vs the Noles) 4) Baylor.  Leaves out the Big 10 and Pac 12, but at this point I am sticking with  undefeateds.

Brian (FSU): My 4 teams in the playoff right now are: 1-The team that is both the SEC West and overall SEC winner (Damned if I know which team, but the SEC has this spot locked down I think), 2- Oregon, 3- ND, and 4- Michigan State.  I think FSU will have some issues with Winston’s playing status going forward… right now it is just a feeling.

Anthony (Syr/ACC):Florida State, Mississippi State, Baylor, and…. ummm… Michigan State?  It may be the Pac-12 that is on the outside looking in this year.

What do you think?  How would you answer these questions?

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