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The ePITTome of Harrell


Louisville ran it’s ACC record to 8-3 Wednesday evening following a home win over the PITT Panthers – the 6th straight win for UofL in the rugged, hard fought series. Junior Montrezl Harrell literally put the Cards on his back and carried them in both halves, and most visibly when UofL somehow managed to fall 6 behind mid way through the 2nd half.  Harrell, a sure fire 1st round NBA pick this summer, had not been playing up to his true potential for the last several weeks leading up to last night’s game.  He picked a good time to break the drought, and boy did he end it. Not only was Harrell the best, most dominant player in last night’s game but in the post game interview PITT forward Sheldon Jeter had this to say on Harrell’s performance, “I wouldn’t say it was intimidation. I would just say – scratch that. I would say it was intimidation.”

One word: RESPECT

Aside from Harrell’s monster night against PITT, three other strange things occurred that are, in my opinion, worth mentioning in this blog.


1. After going 5 full halves of basketball, UofL’s bench produced s point. The aforementioned is NOT a misprint. In fact, in it’s previous two games UofL only got scoring from four individuals. With that, it’s almost mind boggling to think the Cards damn near played through a horrendous 1st half showing at #2 ranked Virginia to have a chance to cut the Cavs lead to only 2 inside a minute to play from the charity stripe.

2. Louisville failed to make to a 3 point basket in a non exhibition game since playing at Wyoming (I still love Fennis Dembo’s name) in 1992.  Rick, if you’re reading this (1% probability on a good day), please find a shooter or two for next season.

3. Living less than two hours from the Yum Center I was unable to view last night’s game anywhere in my universe. Even ESPN3 denied me with the infamous “blacked out in your area” message…… which a fit followed.


(That’s not me by the way, but a proper illustration)

The Cards now wait for NC State to roll into town on Saturday. Another home win would continue to help build momentum toward a run in March. Hopefully UofL will not wait until Harrell has to break out the Superman cape again to put it’s stamp on the game and keep the Wolfpack at bay. We shall know more in 48 hours – around the time when I probably will have polished off my 3rd bag of Valentines Day Skittles.

Go Cards

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