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Syracuse and Dino Babers

What do you think… did Syracuse nail it with the Dino Babers hire?

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For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, Syracuse football got it right by hiring Dino Babers.  He satisfies several of the criteria deemed most important by those who had become disillusioned.  Will he succeed?  Only time will tell.  But at least he is not a bad hire right off the bat.

First, Syracuse fans were clamoring for someone with head coaching experience.  Learn how to manage the clock before hitting our sideline.  Check.  Babers has head coaching experience.

Second, Syracuse fans wanted someone to take advantage of the Dome form an offensive standpoint, and for that matter take advantage of the returning skill players on that side of the ball.  Check.  Babers has been part of some of the more explosive offenses in football.

Third, it is interesting that Syracuse hired an African-American head coach.  This has not happened before at Syracuse for the revenue programs.  It will be…

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