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Hunt to Appeal NCAA Decision Denying 6th Year

The NCAA strikes again.

Syracuse Confidential

With the NCAA having spun its wheel of random response to student-athlete issue by denying Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt a 6th year of eligibility, kudos to Hunt for appealing the decision.  The NCAA is the most hypocritical organization in the world–purporting to give two craps about student-athletes, but then doing everything it can to make their lives more difficult.  Let’s hope that the appeal shines light on just how horrible an organization the NCAA is.

Frankly, it is unclear why any athlete is given a 6th year of eligibility, when they already have 5 years to complete 4 seasons.  But the NCAA does grant 6th years to some players in certain circumstances.  Having made the decision to allow a 6th year despite the rules, it remains unclear why the NCAA would suddenly take a different stance under similar circumstances.  Which brings us back to the garbage organization that…

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