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ACC Post-Season Tournament Update

As you are probably aware, the post-season tournaments have been announced–with most attention deservedly focused on the Big Dance!  In fact, you are probably entering bracket tournaments as we speak.  Feel free to enter the Confidential’s annual contest–it is free, but also has a $25 prize via PayPal to the winner!  See here.  In any event, here is a recap of who from the ACC is going where:

The Big Dance

  • North Carolina earned a #1 seed in the East and tipoffs of Thursday in Raleigh against a play-in team to be determined.
  • Virginia also earned a #1 seed, in the Midwest, where it will begin play in Raleigh on Thursday against Hampton.
  • Miami earned a #3 seed in the South and was shipped all the way up to Providence, where it will face off against Buffalo on Thursday.
  • Duke will join Miami n Providence as the #4 seed, where it will face North Carolina-Wilmington on Thursday.
  • Notre Dame is a #6 seed in the East, where it will face a play-in opponent in Brooklyn on Friday.
  • Oddly, Pittsburgh is the third ACC team in the East, where it is a #10 seed playing in St. Louis on Friday against a tough Wisconsin team.
  • Syracuse was on the bubble, but made it in as a 10 seed in the Midwest, where it will begin play on Friday in St. Louis against Dayton.

The N.I.T.

  • Florida State will host Davidson.
  • Georgia Tech will host Houston.
  • Virginia Tech will host Princeton.

Other Tournaments

No ACC teams are participating in the CBI or CIT, and the field for the Vegas tournament has not yet been announced.



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One thought on “ACC Post-Season Tournament Update

  1. Syracuse and Pitt both drew tough first-round opponents… still hoping for a round 1 sweep, though.

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