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Syracuse Fans and Jerami Grant: The Bigger Picture

The interwebs are aglow with the activity of Syracuse fans debating each other over where on the happy/sad continuum they should be relative to Jerami Grant’s NBA career.  On the one hand, a program’s fans should applaud all of its alums–even if they do not receive the sheepskin promptly or stay all four years.  On the other hand, how can a fan base get attached to a player that stays two years and leaves before even hitting stride?  This is not limited to Syracuse–this is a phenomenon throughout college basketball.

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Syracuse Basketball: Grading the Orange

The Syracuse Orange closed out the regular season on Sunday with 74-58 win over the Florida State Seminoles.  The win earned the Orange a 27-4 mark for the regular season, a record that, any other year, would have SU fans jumping for joy.  This season, though, the fact that Jim Boeheim’s squad went only 2-4 over their last six has many of the Orange faithful’s panic-o-meter cranked up to 44.


Yes, the Orange had their seasonal slide a bit later than usual.  True, that slide included a couple of really bad losses to Boston College and Georgia Tech.  And, of course, one fairly dominant win over the ‘Noles doesn’t erase the flaws shown by Syracuse late in the season.  So, let’s take a moment to take the long view and grade the Orange as they prepare for the post season.

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