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The ACC School Mount Rushmores: Boston College FINAL

Update: The Confidential does want to thank all of the folks that provided comments–both here and on BC Interruption.  It is a tribute to Boston College sports fans that there was so much interest in this issue. 

Having reviewed all of the comments and criticism, the Confidential is amending its original threesome.  This will not happen often, but the Boston College fans have convinced me that Art Donovan should be replaced.  But we are sticking with Doug Flutie and Joe Mullen.

Flutie and Mullen will be joined by: Jerry York and William J. Flynn.  The rationale for York–as a player, York ranks among the all-time greats to wear the Boston College sweater.  As a coach, York helped cement Boston College as a preferred destination for college hockey talent, including multiple national titles.  For more on York, see this nice BC Interruption write-up.  As for Flynn, we moved him in over Donovan for a reason.  Flynn was instrumental in keeping Boston College relevant during a substantial period of flux, when many smaller schools decided to move away from football.  In contrast, Boston College took the next step… which eventually paved the way for Boston College beating Syracuse and Pitt into the A.C.C.  We’ll defer to the Boston College fans on his importance.  For more on Flynn, go here.

The final verdict: Doug Flutie, Joe Mullen, Jerry York, and William J. Flynn.  Continue to the original article…

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